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Backward Compatibility Testing

Backward compatibility testing is any application/product developed using one version of a platform that still works in a newer version of a platform. The testing that makes sure new version of a product to still to work with  the older product is understood as Backward compatibility testing.

For example, 

Consider a user has created a very complex excel sheet to track project schedule, resources, expenses using MS excel 2010. The user will upgrade his MS office to 2020 version. The functions that were working on MS-office 2010 would still work which suggests assets created using older version would still work. 

Backward compatibility is an important test process from the perspective of the end user. The idea is to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of performance, security and also overall functionality which is done by testing the application across different browsers, hardware configurations, operating system. While we describe backward compatibility testing, we see a great deal of changes in our web or may be mobile applications or may be mobile operating systems versions as well. With each passing phase of technology, tech giants are having competition against each other in order to excel. Software companies like Samsung, iphone are in the race to retain the maximum market segment possible. Hence the each version being released with new features being added, testing becomes a crucial factor, thus backward compatibility testing serves as a prerequisite for deploying the remake version within the market.

Some of the important factors worth considering during backward compatibility test are:

  1. Verifying the old and new version compatibility in terms of their API’s
  2. Validating security aspects of device.
  3. Whether the new version is working fine with old components like hardware, network configurations, battery etc.
  4. The newer version does not affect user data or any other information on the user’s device.
  5. Graphics being an important part of a mobile device should be appealing as well as offer an interactive interface.

Benefits of Backward Compatibility testing:

  1. It helps to bring down expenses of operating a help desk to offer tech support to your customers for compatibility problems.
  2. We get valuable feedback to improve our overall process of software development.
  3. Backward compatibility also provides insights into how stable and scalable the software is
  4. We can make sure that the app is optimised for quality and that it fits the specifications required.
  5. To ensure that users will enjoy a consistent experience across platforms and enhance customer satisfaction.

The different compatibility testing services we offer are:

Any software product built for a particular version of a platform should run on the previous platforms. Backward compatibility testing is performed to make sure that the app function as it should.

  1. Compatibility Testing services
Compatibility Testing Services

It involves the testing of old and new hardware and software to make sure they are compatible with one another concerning API’s.

  1. Security verification services
Security Verification Services

In this world, we realise how critical it is that our software app is impeccable security characteristics of app are validated.

  1. Performance verification services
Performance Verification Services

To make sure optimal performance, our testing team carries out tests to determine the new version of the software or hardware can function smoothly with its older components like network configurations, battery, hardware, and so.

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