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Best platforms to find Selenium Automation Jobs

As a Selenium Automation tester, it is important that you apply for jobs online to test yourself. By doing so, you can know the level you are in terms of satisfying the needs of clients. 

Companies that perform Selenium testing provide a platform for paid reviews of websites and mobile apps. Both remote moderated and unmoderated usability assessments for web applications are possible. 

Selenium testers are required to register on these platforms. Companies may request information such as email addresses, testing equipment, etc. when a customer registers. There will be a practice test available after registration. Where your voice, your clarity of speech, how you handle test scenarios, etc. will all be evaluated.

The voice and screen of the Selenium tester are captured while the test is running. They must discuss all potential outcomes and express their opinions. Testers can give positive as well as negative feedback. Some platforms offer the option of previewing to check the recorded session.

There are various platforms available online where you can find various jobs on Selenium. Here are some of them:

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1. Upwork.

Upwork is a user-friendly website that is really helpful for a Selenium tester in securing jobs especially If you are a beginner. This means that you don’t need to have taken the online Selenium certification course to apply for jobs on Upwork. It is a platform where you can test your Selenium testing skills and still make good money if you are good. 

Upwork also allows you to send unlimited proposals to clients. This increases your chances of getting a job as soon as possible. But once you begin a relationship with a new client, you will be charged a fee of 20%. If you are a beginner in Selenium testing, Upwork is your best bet in getting Selenium jobs.

2. UserTesting.

UserTesting provides a platform for you to express your Selenium testing skills on a global scale. To get paid as a Selenium tester, you only need to follow a four-step process: Apply, Browse, Test, and Earn Money. Every day, fresh business opportunities are posted there.

A trial exam will be given. You will receive email alerts for the test chances as soon as it is accepted. Download the recorder extension for Chrome after finishing the practice exam. For the practice test, there won’t be a need for this extension. Some of its attributes include: The test duration with UserTesting can range from 5 to 20 minutes; there are live conversation tests that involve a pre-arranged video conference call, and UserTesting posts the new tests daily.

As a Selenium tester, You can begin using UserTesting by completing the practice exam and providing some basic demographic data. Clients of UserTesting include numerous world-class organisations. One of the most well-known, reliable, and legal platforms for user experience testing.

Per test, UserTesting gives rewards ranging from $4 to $120. Rewards are given based on the type of test.

It pays $4 for each 5-minute quick test. It pays $10 for the 20-minute exam with screen and audio recording and follow-up questions (USD). Rewards for live conversation tests can range from $30 to $120. After passing the test, it pays out after seven days. PayPal is used for payment.

3. Userlytics.

Website, mobile apps, and prototype testing are all services provided by Userlytics. This makes it a very good platform for Selenium testers when it comes to finding jobs. 

There is no fixed amount of tests that the Selenium tester needs to perform each day.

There are a few testers who receive the invitations. The database is used to choose randomly from among the testers. Your likelihood of being invited to the test increases if you respond to the questionnaires. The testing of websites, prototypes, advertising, films, etc. is available on the platform. Additionally, Privacy Protection (PII Protection) enables the blocking of screen recording.

Many other capabilities are available, including automatic language transcriptions, automatic reporting, and a sophisticated account management choice.

Userlytics reviews the results through a dedicated QA review team to deliver quality results to the clients.

The test from Userlytics will last 20 to 40 minutes. It then poses questions regarding site navigation, general idea, usability, design, layout, and colour, amongst others, after the test has been completed. As per reviews, Userlytics pay $10 per test by PayPal. The duration of the test is 20-40 minutes.

4. Tester Work.

The platform provided by Tester Work allows Selenium testers to make money by checking out websites and mobile applications. The procedure is as easy as three steps: sign up, test, and get paid. It invites you to participate in the most recent test cycles and gives you the flexibility to set your working hours.

You must pass the online assessment to receive the projects or work. The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate English language and QA skills. The test can be passed after up to two attempts. Some of its features are: You can work on as many available projects as you’d like with TesterWork; it plans worldwide gatherings like Testathon®, and The testers receive feedback that aids in their improvement.

These groups support testers on challenging tasks


These platforms are a good way of not just making money online as a Selenium tester but also testing your Selenium testing skills amongst other competitors on a global scale (especially for those who have completed the online Selenium training program.

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