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Can I Become a QA by Learning on My Own?

Quick tips to become a QA on your own…

Self-learning to become a QA is possible! But, we should warn you early on, that it is certainly not a bed of roses. Focused, passion-driven learning can get you where you want to be. Alternatively, enroll for the best QA online training classes for a quick, foolproof journey towards becoming a QA professional.

What are the pre-requisites to becoming a software QA tester?

At times, even the best decisions you make start falling out in the middle. So, before you put in all the efforts it is better to make sure that QA is the right profession for you. The pre-requisites to become a QA aren’t much.

  • Good communication, both written and verbal skills
  • Customer-facing skills.

More than the technical skills, we believe that communication skills play an important role in the role of a QA. The ability to face the customer, stakeholders, Project Managers, Developers, team, and with a clear thought process, you have won half the battle.

Having programming skills is definitely a bonus, but they aren’t mandatory. Understanding the coding can give you an edge as finding the bugs in the software will be easier, if you understand the basics of the programming language.

What should one learn to become a QA tester?

Now that you are fully convinced that you aspire to be a QA tester, you can opt between the two certification boards

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  • – “International Software Testing Qualifications Board“, once recognized as an ISTQB certified, you are going to get a foothold in the industry. Especially if you are from a non-technical background and hoping to become a QA professional. There are two levels of exams offered by this board.
    • Foundation CTFL
    • Advanced CTAL

            Assuming you are a beginner, the Foundation course is your best bet.

  • –  This is for experienced testers who hope to make a mark in the industry.

At H2K Infosys, we offer the best QA training in the USA for students all over the world. Our 100-hour QA training the 5-star rated by our learners.

Tips to become a good QA:

We are assuming you are trying you to break into the field of QA testers. Listed below are a few tips which can help you gain traction.

  • The best way to catch bugs is to put yourself in the customers’ shoes to check for bugs. The designers/developers are often not good testers as they can only think the way they develop the code and cannot catch the function gaps.
  • Always first and foremost read the requirement document as most of the bugs can be caught in reference to that.
  • Practice testing by picking applications of websites randomly. Start looking for defects. They could be typos, pop-ups, input fields, anything.
  • Build your confidence and gear-up for the interviews well. Take your time, leave the pressure behind, and give your best.

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