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Cloud Service Model

Cloud computing service models having a momentum by business that are distributing their workloads on infrastructure cloud. It handles IT infrastructure, different software applications and various platforms from internet. This has transformed the way business function. The selling products and services online like ecommerce companies and their collaboration apps that are virtual, e-learning and tele-health service providers find once of all the cloud service models to execute their business. There is a cloud strategy having to build a successful business strategy and significant part of the cloud strategy is to choose the right cloud service model for organisation. The cloud service model is broader trend in service or “XaaS”. As the cloud service model will find the options like Iaas, SaaS, Paas. Every cloud service model will provide many different levels of control and management.

Why does business need cloud computing?

Cloud may support to create more business solutions by combining our applications, deployments and network. It gives many opportunities to design and deliver new digital services for our customers and employee. Cloud highlights our business to respond quickly for changing needs during the periods of disruption. We have a few reasons:

1. High performance and availability-Cloud services will be distributed all over the multiple cloud facilities.This removes our downtime by ensuring high availability. The cloud service provider is responsible for updating of  cloud systems, fixing bugs and solving securely issue of the cloud.

2. Scalability and Flexibility-Cloud computing will allow us quickly scale up or down our computing services and also the storage to meet the changing business needs. We don’t have to invest heavily in any physical infrastructure to support the changes such as an in increase in load levels.

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3. Effective collaboration-Cloud storage has data available wherever we need it for the location or a device constraint that we don’t prevent us from accessing our data from anywhere in the world.

4. Cost savings-When we can select service model, that should be paid a source that may  use.Many cloud computing services are paying as used.

The 3  cloud service models are

1. Software As a Service(SaaS)

Software as a service is an software licensing  application that is delivered as cloud service. The software application and its infrastructure can centrally be hosted on our supplier’s cloud service and is  handled to update them. The vendor controls the entire stack of computing. The application runs cloud. The vendor’s cloud service is used by paying a license free or available free with restricted access. SaaS does not require any installations or downloads. It clears the need for installing applications on every device.

The benefits of SaaS are:

  • Lower up front costs and TCO:SaaS does not include the need for an extra hardware and software by decrease of installation and implementation prices.
  • Anywhere accessibility:With SaaS this can access cloud services from sing an internet-enabled device like smartphone or laptop.
  • Ready to use-We can set up SaaS services so they become fully functional in minimal times.

2. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

This providers sell access to the virtualised resources including servers,networks and storage.Enterprise customers purchase these computer resources as needed which is more cost-effective then buying hardware outright. Apart from SaaS, Users, IaaS customers will manage applications, runtime, middleware,operating systems and data they access. The IaaS providers manage the servers, hard drives, networking, virtualisation and storage.

3. PaaS (Platform as a Service)

These providers sell access to everything a customer would need to develop an app.As the IaaS model, PaaS providers manage runtime, middleware and operating systems. PaaS customers will manage data and software applications. In contrast to the SaaS model, the customers don’t have to manage anything in PaaS. PaaS providers  makes all necessary development tools, infrastructure and operating systems available over the internet connection. The PaaS customer is enabled to build entire application in their web browser.


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