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Combining QA and Software Customization for a Quality Project 

What has qa software development got to do with octopuses? No, it is not necessary to have an extremely large brain to function well (octopuses have nine). It is the capacity to learn, adjust, and change in order to match the surrounding habitat. And for businesses that wish to dominate the IT sector, this talent has become crucial.

Users often choose an alternative that stands out due to oversaturation in the software industry, whether it be through user interface (UI), special features, or a welcoming “vibe”. Additionally, customisation is a fantastic approach to catch a customer’s eye. With it, you may expand your clientele and modify your product to better serve your goals. A bespoke project involves a real user experience and specific company objectives.

Additionally, thorough software quality assurance testing is necessary to maximize the power of customization. Check out the QA certification training to learn more.

Ready-To-Use QA Solutions vs Customization

It is only profitable in the near run to construct a platform using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software or to choose a specific level of customization. A sufficient number of features and UI characteristics will make you competitive. A product that adheres to its original shape eventually becomes outmoded though as consumer wants evolve and the number of competitors rises.

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Customization, in whatever form it takes, is essential for a developing and long-lasting project.

1.Realizing Specific Business Needs

You can efficiently fulfill your business goals with the aid of customization. Additionally, by focusing bespoke development on high-risk or valuable areas, you can avert problems before they arise and fortify your workflows and procedures.

To give an example, Walmart developed a special inventory management system that wholesalers could use to view information on inventory levels and selling prices. Through this approach, sellers choose how many things to send when, and Walmart keeps track of the shipment’s progress. As a result, there were fewer shipment delays and lower supplier management costs. 

Combining QA and Software Customization for a Quality Project 

2.Obtaining Competitive Advantage

Making use of unique features and functionality can also distinguish your products. After all, you automatically become an industry vanguard when you provide something that others do not. But it also implies that you must change your platform so that your innovation is adequately supported.

For instance, Netflix created a unique mechanism for recommending content that uses user data. Additionally, the business went a step further and altered their engine to change movie titles in accordance with the desired genre of customers. Such a strategy improved client retention and engagement. 

3.Establishing & Strengthening the Brand

The bigger benefit of personalization is distinctive branding. Your project will be easier to recognize and distinguish if it has a customized user interface and features. Additionally, you can customize the appearance and feel of your product to offer a consistent customer experience across all digital properties. As a result, you might develop a special area for devoted users, increasing client loyalty.

That is precisely why Shopify quickly ascended to the top of the list of developers of e-commerce platforms. The organization offers total client network customisation, in contrast to industry titan Amazon. Additionally, today’s consumers view customized companies as more human and approachable, making them simpler to relate to. 

4.Enhancing Integrations

It is possible to collaborate seamlessly with other infrastructures by modifying your product to better connect with other software systems and apps. In order to enhance your offerings, successfully work with advantageous partners, and satisfy your clients with personalized experiences. Additionally, customisation enables you to improve workflow automation and data sharing, both of which will increase team productivity.

For instance, Monday integrated Freshdesk to synchronize customer communication flow with REST/GraphQL API automation. In order to automatically create tickets, Monday was unable to receive communications. So it connected to Freshdesk, a program made to handle requests from various methods of contact, using a special plugin. By merging the functionality of both programs, the integration increased productivity and transparency in the working process.

5.Securing Scalability

Modular and flexible design options for custom software enable it to adapt to changing business requirements. Additionally, customization provides a simpler interface with current legacy systems, allowing you to avoid expensive and time-consuming migrations. And because COTS software cannot take into account every probable change in a firm or a market, customization is frequently the only option.

That is exactly how Ayoka safeguarded the financial system’s future. The legacy network of a corporation relied on laborious manual procedures and had few features. Thus, it was necessary to integrate an updated accounts receivable system with outdated infrastructure. The organization may automate its workflows and significantly increase the pace of the accounts receivable system by developing an integration application and customizing both ends. 

6.Advancing Localization

You may increase your customer base and make your product more approachable and pertinent to a larger range of people by tailoring your platform for various user groups. Additionally, specialized software can assist in developing solutions that are adapted to particular cultures. This boosts market share and enhances the customer experience.

For instance, Canva reached 30 million users by creating a unique module in partnership with the translation agency Smartling. A translator received AI-generated content that had been automatically parsed into strings. Without gaining access to the codebase, the designated translators finished the task by locating and altering the translated strings. This resulted in improved UX, streamlined localization, advanced translation memory, and Canva’s growth. 

7.Improving Support & Maintenance

As previously noted, customization enables you to modify the product to match the unique requirements of your business and users. This simplifies processes, lowers mistake rates, and facilitates software use. So when your project expands, tailored solutions reduce possible support concerns and improve scalability, making maintenance simpler.

Combining QA and Software Customization for a Quality Project 

Your staff will be fully informed and able to make better use of the features that are already available thanks to custom software. Additionally, it enables you to focus on fewer, more important tasks rather than attempting to employ every feature a COTS system might have. As a result, you may cut down on unanticipated bug downtime and lower the total cost of ownership.


Since around 300 million years ago, the octopus species has dominated the food chain. And it’s precisely their special abilities that make them so attractive to humans. Therefore, adaption through customization is what you need if you want to grab users’ attention and just be fascination the same manner that nature created the octopus form via trial and error, you should work with QA pros to perfect your software (it will take much less time). You can learn more by checking the online QA training.

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