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Context-Driven Testing

Context-Driven testing is a model for developing and also to debug computer software. It takes under consideration the ways during which the programs are going to be used or could also be expected to be utilised in the real world. If this sort of testing has to be conducted, software developers must identify the intended market and evaluate the environments during which people are likely to use the merchandise. The adherents of context-driven testing, we call it a group of values rather than a process technique. It revolves around a incontrovertible fact that software users are citizenry with diverse preferences, needs, abilities and limitations. Program that works well for one person during a situation which can prove that inappropriate for additional person or situation.

For example consider a word processing system with a mathematical symbols and a group of tools for positioning and also manipulating them which could be ideal for a school professor writing a physics textbook but also annoying for a novelist. Simple text editor could also be preferred by the novelist but it’ll be rejected by the professor. In context-driven testing it is often supposed notion that a computer program should be treated as a answer.

The basic principles of context-driven testing are:

  1. Value of any practice depends on its context.
  2. We’ve good practices in context, but there are no best practices.
  3. People are going to work together which is most vital part of any project’s context.
  4. The merchandise is going to be an answer. If any problem isn’t solved, the merchandise won’t work.
  5. These projects unfold over time in such a ways that are often not predictable.
  6. Good software testing is a challenging intellectual process.
  7. Only the judgement and skill, exercised cooperatively throughout the whole project are ready  to do the proper things at the proper times to effectively to check our projects.

Context driven testers choose their objectives, techniques and deliverables by looking first at a small point of the actual situation, including the desires of the stake holders who are going to be commissioned as the testing. The essence of context-driven testing is school of testing the places where this approach to testing within the humanistic social and ethical framework.

Context Driven Testing

There sorts of software testing that are adopted by writers and consultants. All of those context-driven testing are domain dependent, which constitute a responsible way of software testing among the intellectuals. This testing field advocates the continual and innovative sort of evaluation considering the testing opportunities.These opportunities are supported on the basis of potential information which is revealed along side the watching at the worth of that information right way. This testing process helps to decide which testing matches the project contexts instead of just following the predetermined notions associated with the simplest practices.

What is successful context driven testing?

The most successful testers will adopt a couple of testing techniques that have agile methodologies, Extreme programming has also recommended. This specific software testing is predicated based on a specific set of values linked with the test methodology. A good context driven testing method may be a way of approaching all the testing situations like those are very different from on another during a various ways. A successful context driven tester will have a wide and profound awareness regarding the issues which are associated with the projects and also developing proficiency to react towards a specific situation.

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