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Database Environment

As we know that the database management system is the collection of programs which will allow the users to generate and also maintain the database. Database management which will facilitate the process of constructing, defining, retrieving various users as well as applications.

To describe the database, which we have to identify the structure of the records of each file by specifying different types of data elements which is been stored in each of the record in the database accordingly.

Manipulating of the data will be comprising of querying database to retrieve the data from the database. Application programs will be accessed from the database through transferring queries or may be request for the data in the database management system.

Significant function will be given by the database management system which includes protecting of the database to maintain all databases from database management system

Let’s see the example: Suppose if the student record which includes data that represents students name, student number, class and major and each of the course record will be including info that represents course name, course number, and credit hours.

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Statements like SET CONNECTION statement which will cause database environment syntax segment which will specify the database or the server to which the application will be attempting where we can establish the connection.

Few elements of SQL are:

  1. Connection: this is the optional case sensitive name which will describe for the connection. Here the restriction is that, it should be unique among sql connection names and the syntax is IDENTIFIER
  2. Connection_var: this is the host variable which will store the name of the connection host variable and includes valid database, the restriction here is that the it should be fixed length characters of the data and the syntax is language specific.
  3. Db_var : here the environment which is host variable will include databases and the restriction is that the it should be fixed length character data and the syntax is that the language specific
  4. Dbname : this is the database which will be connected and the restriction is that the names of the databases server which connection will be made and the syntax is the IDENTIFIER.
  1. Student
nameStudent numberclassMajor


Course nameCourse numberCredit hoursDepartment
Computer sciCs13104Cs

Database system User/programmer

DBMS software

Simplified database system environment

Database manipulation will involve in the querying and updating. Examples of retrieving details are:

  1. Retrieve transcript where there will be list of courses and grades
  2. Listing all the names of the students who will take section of the database course.
  3. List of the prerequisites of the database course.

Examples of update will include like:

  1. Change of the class of black to the sophomore
  2. Creating new section for the database
  3. Entering of the grade A for black in database section.

The informal queries and the updates will be specified in the query language that is database management system. Designing of the new application for the database which will start off with the phase which Is known as the requirement definition and analysis, these requirements will be documented in detail and it will be transformed into the conceptual design which will represent and manipulated using some of the computerised tools so that its easily to be manipulated, modified, updating etc.

Designs will be then translated to the logical design which can be expressed in the data model and implemented in the database management system. Lastly the final stage, physical structure of database can be obtained to store, access and manage the data in the database from database management system.

Database design will be implemented with the data where we can access the database from the table, and database will be designed continuously which maintains to reflect of the mini world.


  1. What is database simplified environment system?
  2. With neat diagram explain user application with example?
  3. Write a note on the elements of sql?
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