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Desktop Rapid Application Development Tools

Rapid application development platforms:

This is a agile software development model which highlights on fast prototyping and quick feedback in app development to make sure that supplier delivery and an efficient.

App development may involve four phases including business modelling, data modelling, process modelling and also testing turnover.

Rapid development application software which allows conditions of the app which changes in anytime, that prioritises and also encourages user feedback, reception of quick reviews, reduces the time of the app development process and allows more productivity with fewer people. With RAD, the time between prototypes and also iterations in short and integration occurs since inception.

The best rapid application development tools are:

The rapid application development tools has toolkits, frameworks, or software that help in developing web or mobile applications. To qualify as an effective rapid application development tools

  • Here in rapid application development tool should be reusable templates which are relevant to the needs.
  • It has the ability to develop cross-platform apps.
  • Non-IT personnel will understand how to create basic apps by using the best rapid application development tool.
  • It also help to track the development lifecycle of the app. We should know which iteration are currently and also what happened the previous iterations.
  • The cost of RAD tools are feasible and also viable in team.

The rapid application tools are:

Rapid Application Development allows o create and manage workflows with a click of a button. We can always manage the workflow from the browser. The flexible platform is ideal for the business is ideal for businesses, startups, incubators and educational institutions and also foundations.

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  • It is a cloud based, secure platform that lets us to work from anywhere.
  • It enables the import and export of data in the .csv format with ease.
  • we can automate repetitive tasks to reduce the amount of manual work and increase the efficiency.
  • It also offers complete transparency within the organisation.


Rapid Application Development Tool - Kissflow

Kissflow is among a few rapid application development tools that allow people of all backgrounds to involve in RAD without using any core IT resources. Its features are:

  • Kissflow requires minimal knowledge of coding.
  • It contains an user interface that makes rapid application development both easier and faster.
  • It allows to make an automated integral business processes in the pipeline and is integrable with the host of business suites like slack, Gsuite  and also sales force.
  • Kissflow will provide us with the automated insights to performance of the software based to optimise it before going through the testing process.


Rapid Application Development Tool - springboot

Spring boot may not belong as much in the domain of rapid application development tools as it does in rapid development application frameworks but does not stop it being extremely effective. Spring boot is one of the most widely used frameworks when it will come to java-based web application. It is primarily an extension of spring rapid development framework and contains a number of improvements.

  • The spring boot framework contributes to an enhanced simplicity in the application development process by the embedded server.


Bizagi will be a BPM suite organisations that can use to automate processes and build custom workflows. Bizagi will let users to build tailored low code app, orchestrate enterprise operations and map and test different business processes.

The features are:

1.Intuitive interface

Bizagi’s easy to use interface makes it accessible for all skill also as 100 percent visual 7 –step wizard aimed at citizen developers.

2.Unified system

Bizagi facilities collaboration and lets you seamlessly manage teams and orchestrate systems and data.


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