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What is the Difference Between QA, QC, and Testing?

QA, QC, Testing...

Sometimes, the terms which are used interchangeably might be misleading. So, what is common in QA, QC, and testing that the general public often misuses these terms? Let’s understand these terms from an IT person’s perspective. First off, obviously, they are different otherwise they wouldn’t have a distinct terminology. In this blog, we will figure out how these terms are apart from each other. That said, at H2K Infosys, we offer QA online training and placement service for candidates with IT/non-IT background and beginners.

QA, QC, and Testing –  The Difference

What is QA?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a proactive process. It is all about process improvement and preventing incumbent defects. The ultimate job of the QA is to perform the root cause analysis to seal off the errors once and for all. In a usual practice when the errors crop up, the quick fixes during unit testing hide them temporarily. However, they recur with a slight change in the testing environment. Apart from fixing such errors, the QA also ensures that the end-product does meet customer expectations.

Although QA is a proactive process and might seem to be unnecessary from an outsider perspective, it is one of the best investments businesses make. Why? Because, by the time the Quality Control (QC) comes into the picture, it is too late by then. The QC comes at a later stage in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and fixing bugs at that point can prove to be a very expensive exercise for the companies. The QA process essentially saves time, money and effort.

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What is QC?

QC, on the other hand, is all about product improvement. It is a reactive process. One might argue that proactiveness is better than being reactive. Does that make QC less important? Let’s check why QC is so essential.

End of the day it is the product that matters to the customer.

Having said that, the job of a Quality Control mainly include constant reviewing of the product at every phase of the process, software testing, and code inspections.

What is Testing?

Now, coming to the testing part, software testing is evidently the subset of QC. It is the last but not the least of all three. Testing is all the more crucial for product delivery. This is the stage where the product is finally checked if it meets the product guidelines set by the customer.

What is common in all three processes?

Now that we have understood the difference between the three, what do they have in common? Net-net, all three processes work together towards a common goal, which is delivering the ultimate product that meets the customer expectations by all means.

Hope that clears the ambiguity in using all three terms interchangeably.

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