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Which is Easier to Learn, Selenium or UFT?

Selenium Vs UFT

Don’t you expect better returns if you pay good bucks for it? If the answer is yes, we rest our case this early in the blog. Unified Functional Testing (UFT) being a proprietary testing tool, life is easier while automating the test cases using UFT. Despite that 90% of the businesses use Selenium testing. Why? Learn Selenium online and become one of the most sought-after Selenium testers today! Selenium automation is an open-source, highly-popular testing tool in the job market, of late. What makes Selenium so popular? Read on, to find out.

What is Selenium Suite?

Manual testing is tedious and cumbersome. On the other hand, automation testing is writing software test cases to test software using tools. Hence, the same test cases can be used repetitively for continuous testing. This is how the complications in manual testing are minimized with automation testing.

So, when automation testing simplifies the testing process, what is so special about Selenium? Selenium Suite is a set of automation tools which are used to test the web applications across the browsers and operating systems.

The Selenium framework helps in developing test cases using different programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc.
As opposed to the common belief, Selenium is not a single software, but a suite with four important components:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid.

The Selenium RC + WebDriver = Selenium 2.0 or Selenium WebDriver. The latest version is Selenium 4, released in April 2019.

At H2K Infosys, we offer a 40-hour Selenium online training for learners all over the world.

Selenium Vs UFT

Micro Focus UFT/QTP Selenium
It’s a proprietary tool that belongs to Micro Focus and is expensive. It’s an open-source, free testing suite – winner.
It can test web applications, mobile applications, as well as desktop applications – winner. This can automate test cases only for web applications
UFT tests can be developed only in QTP IDE. Selenium tests can be developed in IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc – winner.
UFT supports only VBScript. Selenium supports Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and more – winner.
UFT is provided with an object repository and hence development is easy – winner. Selenium does not comprise any such object repository per se but can be managed using UI element user extension.
UFT is user friendly with great technical support. – winner. It is difficult to develop test cases and requires more time. No official support as it is open-source.
OOP concept is partially met due to VB SCript. Selenium supports intense OOP concepts due to its support for Java – winner.
Backward compatibility is more and can support 5 years old coding – winner. Test Scripts need to be updated constantly.
Full-fledged dialog box support – winner. Partially supports dialog box.
Automation testing becomes expensive. Web application testing using Selenium is cost-effective. – winner.
It can only be used for Windows. It can be used to test web applications across different platforms – winner.

Selenium with its free availability, cross-platform, cross-browser testing ability, and support for a multitude of programming languages, making it a front runner among the two popular automation testing tools.

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