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Five Reliable Sources To Learn About Selenium Automation Testing

Today’s technology is like a river, and it keeps on moving and changing. It made many people’s lives easy by saving money, time, and other useful resources. Automation is getting more and more in demand these days, and it is changed the lives of millions of people. The automation is even required for testing the tools, software, updates, and services before rolling it out. In recent days the frequency of releasing the updates becoming more regular, and the traditional way of testing is not an efficient way to cope with the speed of modern-day needs. Hence the automation of testing tools such as Selenium comes into play. It is the best testing platform in the current IT world, and everyone is looking to get expertise in this field and grab the ocean of opportunities available in the current market. Hence, let us look at the top five reliable sources to learn selenium automation testing.

Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics With Java

Alan Richardson instructs this seminar, and it gives a crystal clear picture of Selenium web driver’s basics. Selenium web driver is a vital component of Selenium, and it helps to automate the testing. If you master this tool, you can easily expand your capabilities to execute accurate and complex testing cases. This course comprises excellent videos that guide you in learning the fundamental concept without any other resources or people’s assistance. Hence, you can opt for this seminar and equip yourself with the Selenium web driver’s complete knowledge. 

Learning Selenium

This is the ideal course for the beginner and complete newbies to the Selenium environment. The course duration is one hour, and it will introduce the fundamentals of Selenium, its use, its installation, and many more. You will learn to set up the test writing, web driver, Selenium web driver, and Selenium Grid. The running of the test using Selenium Grid using the remote server is also included in this course. You would get to know the best practices of writing Selenium test cases, integration, test pyramid paradigm, and UI testing. The core concepts of selenium, such as using API, adding structure to tests, configuring nodes, page object pattern, test suite organization, and benefits of the grid, are covered in this course. 

Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C#

If you are looking to learn end to Selenium and make a career out of it, this is the best course. It will provide you everything that is needed to automate the testing with Selenium. Even if you are a complete beginner in this field, you can be transformed into the best QA engineer with a complete understanding of the importance of creating frameworks. Not only it provides the understanding, but also it will give the knowledge of building them. Once you complete this course and apply your leanings working with Selenium WebDriver and executing the test cases would be a piece of cake for you. Without a doubt, it is the best software testing course available in the current market. 

Selenium WebDriver with Java

As the name says, this course will help you in understanding the basics of Selenium using the most popular programming language Java. However, you don’t require to have mastery over Java. It helps you to learn the Java that is required to work with Selenium and conduct your tests. This course is designed for complete beginners, and it treats you as a person with no background in either Java or Selenium and proceeds as per that. So, the curse starts from scratch, and it teaches you the basics of Java, Selenium WebDriver, framework design, advanced selenium, selenium grid, performance testing, and database. 

Selenium Certification Training

If you want to get software testing certification and advance in your career path in the QA field, it is one of the best courses for you. Here you would learn automating the test cases of web apps, and at the end of this course, you will be provided with a certification of completion. However, you need a basic understanding of core java. In this course, only the refresher classes would be given about the core concepts of Java. It covers the topics such as automation framework, selenium WebDriver, Core concepts of Java, Automation testing scope, Selenium Grid, Testing using Selenium IDE, etc. 

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