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How Salesforce revolutionized the world of CRM

If you have heard about Salesforce software, you’ll not cease to wonder why businesses and experts are so particular about introducing it into their systems. The reasons aren’t far-fetched and the most important of all is the general change it has brought into the world of CRM. Statistics even affirm this by showing the rate of businesses using the tool to be over 50% in Europe. 

In this article, you’ll get to find out how the tool has revolutionized the world of CRM.

1.Sales team productivity

The business world has experienced a total revamp since the introduction of Salesforce. Before, research and statistical results show the rate of sales team underproductivity averaged 30%. The workers had to deal with handling technical and monotonous activities like sending bulky messages, inputting data, monitoring customers, etc daily. These activities no doubt are very challenging and require more time to complete especially when there is insufficient staff. However, the Salesforce software has changed the story since most tasks can now be automated. With this, the team members work on less stressful and monotonous activities. 

2.Remote opportunities

The world is gradually turning into a global place where location won’t be a barrier to the performance of duties and other activities. For a sales rep who still works without the use of automated software like Salesforce, he is at a disadvantage of being restricted to a specific spot, to ensure an effective transaction and relationship between customers. However, Salesforce has revolutionized the world of CRM to allow businesses to relate with their customers perfectly without a distance barrier. This way, the business has a better chance to expand its horizon and improve sales. 

On the other hand, the sales team can now work using mobile devices and other gadgets, monitoring the turn of events from the comfort of their homes. For those seeking better opportunities with the big names, it’s now possible since Salesforce has bridged the gap. From the Fortune 100 companies list of 2018, results show Salesforce as the first requirement for the companies. Are you in need of a better job opportunity with renowned companies? Equip yourself better with the knowledge of Salesforce by registering for a Salesforce Online Class today. 

3.Better Survival Chances for Startups

It’s a challenging phase for a business owner and the team during the initial stage. It comes with a lot of pressure trying to increase the sales team and improve their relationship. While the former may be achieved with little advertising and awareness, the latter is more important in retaining customers for a long period. With the numerous challenges which eventually lead to the folding up of the business within a short period, Salesforce has stepped in to increase the chances of survival by ensuring a better relationship between both parties. 

4.Multiple Platforms Support

Before the introduction of Salesforce, the sales team always had the challenge of collaborating on different operating systems to achieve a common goal. However, this gap has been bridged with the Salesforce software since it’s designed to support multiple platforms without hitches. According to statistics, companies that operate with this software and also allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) gain an additional $350 average profit yearly. If your business is currently struggling to reach all team members for the achievement of a goal, try Salesforce. After this, employ an expert with a Salesforce Course Certification to operate it on your behalf. 

5.Better Analysis of Reports and Results 

How Salesforce revolutionized the world of CRM

We are in an information-dominated world already where experts need enough accurate data to operate and make effective decisions. While this is a necessity, it can be quite overwhelming to handle numerous data and analyze them to achieve an actionable goal list. On the other hand, the errors of humans may lead to some inaccuracies in the reports which may misguide the business. 

To the rescue is Salesforce, a software that has been designed to improve the accuracy of reports and help analyze data into short, understandable results. Salesforce ensures the reports are detailed enough for every department to identify their areas of action without any problem. 


If you have read through the points to this stage, then you’ll agree that Salesforce is a tool that has changed the world of CRM and would continue introducing better opportunities for experts and businesses as a whole. It’s also very important to help ace your skills and land a good job opportunity as an expert in the industry. So, enroll in a Salesforce Online Class to get your Salesforce Course Certification for that job. 

Good luck!

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