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How to Advance Your Quality Assurance Automation Skills

The key aspect of the software industry is the alignment of the software with not only the end user’s specifications but with their expectations as well. In order to ensure that these two match expectedly, the software requires to be tested for all its features, and most of all, its overall quality. 

Thus, to ensure software testing and development, professionals have been performing various quality assurance tests with the use of several tools. However, as the principal quality of a tester is to find and bring up newer, better ways to perform the task with more ease, automation testing turned out to be exactly that: a better and easier way to perform the testing activities. 

Advantages of Quality Assurance Automation

Well, before we jump into how automation testers have been utilizing and developing their skills as a Quality Assurance Automation Tester, let us see why. Here is a list of reasons of why testers turn to Quality Assurance Automation: 

  • As there is no requirement to write extensive scripts, it saves human efforts which can be put to better use. Also, ultimately leading to better time management. 
  • The required quality checks, when done through automation, are even more thorough than manual quality checks. 
  • Furthermore, quality assurance performed via automation testing holds a low chance of overlooked errors and bugs in the software. 
  • It decreases the overall length of the software testing life cycle by catching the bugs at the development stage itself. 

While these (and many more) benefits put automation testing on the higher rung of the ladder that is software testing, learning the appropriate skills becomes more essential than ever. Therefore, we have picked the best ways you could improve your skills as a Quality Assurance Automation Tester. 

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Ways to Enhance Quality Assurance Automation Skills 

We understand you must have a tight schedule. However, we suggest making time for learning. In addition, to help you with the same, we have made sure to pick the ways which will help you learn Quality Assurance Automation skills while improving your career at the same time. 

Identify Gaps

Before we start working towards improving the skills, we must be informed as to where we exactly need improvement. All automation testers have a different degree of different skills, while some are good at creating scripts, the others excel at using tools like Selenium. Therefore, we advise making a list with columns containing: skills you are certainly confident about, old skills you think need some polishing, and skills you aspire to learn. 


When it comes to learning and growing in the software industry, your colleagues, peers, and acquaintances are the best resource you have. Having said that, most of us often overlook the importance of the same.

Thus, ask for a helping hand and you will certainly get one. Your peers can help you understand where you lack and what are your shortcomings much better than you, on your own, can analyze. Moreover, there are many useful insights that come from your employer, to think over and work on. 

Take Online Courses

Automation testing is nothing but using one software to test the other software, right? Thus, it is safe to say that one of the best ways to learn technical skills is by using technology. 

An online course will not only help you learn the skills but also enhance your credibility with a certification. Furthermore, with the numerous options available on the web, it becomes easier to select the course that is designed specifically as per the skill you seek to learn. Also, with transparency being one of the features of online courses, you can easily know who will tutor you before you start learning. 

Lastly, if you truly aim to learn Quality Assurance Automation skills, we hope you see automation everywhere: in daily tasks, in organizing your day, and everything that has a scope for automation (and everything does have scope for automation). All you have to do is sincerely invest financially, mentally, and timewise in the skill that you aspire to learn. 

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