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How to Boost Salesforce Lead Generation Strategies Using Ads

The real war is fought these days in the digital realm. Companies are changing their resources and tactics in order to serve a larger online market. Salesforce Companies must adapt their marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve as lead-generating approaches change.

Using ads to their maximum capacity can alter the course of your business. This article explores the ways in which you may optimize your lead-generation tactics and turn them into action. We walk you through the many tactics and resources available to you, as well as the elements you must focus on to have a successful lead generation plan. To learn more, check out the Salesforce admin certification course online.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

An essential component of your business’s marketing and sales strategy is lead generation. Businesses are using advertisements to generate more leads while continuously tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns, but why do they do that?

Since consumers are the lifeblood of every business, acquiring leads is the first step in acquiring new clients. The amount of consumers that choose your goods over competitors determines how big your business can get. 

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Lead generation is also essential to your process because it helps your sales and marketing staff improve their workflow. In fact, your team will need to reevaluate the information they have about your company and create a clear picture of your target market during the lead generation plan process. Your business will gain a competitive edge if you implement a strong lead-generation strategy that targets your customers directly.

You might employ a variety of channels in your lead-generating plan. Some of the most popular channels are as follows:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Email Marketing

To achieve good lead generation outcomes, consider integrating paid advertising, email marketing, and media campaigns. In essence, we advise you to make the most of your online presence. 

How to Get Leads with Ads?

It’s time to concentrate on important elements of your lead generation advertising now that you must make the most of various channels to guarantee the success of lead generation for your company.

How to Boost Salesforce Lead Generation Strategies Using Ads

When making lead generation advertisements, you have to pay close attention to important details like the target market, the images, and the ad copy. These elements provide a seamless consumer experience along with an efficient lead generation funnel.

1.Target Market

Identifying your target market should be your company’s first priority.

When creating your lead generation materials, it is essential to know your target market. This is what will influence the messaging and content calendar for your business. It can also assist your team in determining the best channel to use in order to connect with your target audience.

For instance, you might need to choose more formal and professional articles if your organization employs LinkedIn ads. In the meanwhile, more visually arresting messaging and captivating imagery can be required for Instagram lead generation.

There isn’t a single, universal method for identifying your target market. Who you should talk to will entirely depend on the products, services, and underlying beliefs of your business. Every business uniquely approaches this procedure. To produce even more specialized material, some businesses even go one step further and divide their clientele into several categories.

2.Ad Copy

Having established the target market for your company, the next step is to write the ad copy.

You don’t have much time to grab a customer’s attention when they’re browsing the internet. Your advertisement copy should be clear, interesting, and educational. Every advertisement copy should be captivating and exactly what your target audience is looking for. 

We offer the following advice to help you write effective ad copy:

  • Use data: What characteristics distinguish a strong argument? Information. Make careful to demonstrate to potential buyers in the language of your advertisements that you have data to support your offerings. This increases the legitimacy and dependability of your business.
  • Address pain points: Gaining your customers’ attention requires discussing your product and the issues it can resolve for them. When you release materials that demonstrate to prospective customers that you are aware of their struggles, they are more inclined to select your brand over rivals.
  • Tell a story: Rather than concentrating solely on producing leads, tell a story. Prove to your clients that you are interested in more than just their contact details.
  • Emphasize what makes you unique: There should be a positive impact that your business stands out from the competition thanks to a distinctive selling proposition. By emphasizing this and informing prospective clients about it, you can convert cold leads into warm ones.  
  • Don’t write too much: Long advertisement copy is boring to read. Make sure your messages are succinct, nice, and direct.
  • Ask for feedback: After your team has finished drafting the advertisement copy, go over it with them and offer comments. You can even get an outsider’s opinion by asking for their opinions.


It’s clear that appealing images are a major factor in why viewers pause to watch advertisements. Even if your eyes might not have enough time to read the entire advertisement, they will recall visually arresting elements. 

How to Boost Salesforce Lead Generation Strategies Using Ads

Ad engagement can be increased and your target market’s attention can be drawn in by using eye-catching imagery. Just make sure your items and services are appropriately represented in high-quality images.

4.Call To Action (CTA)

Your advertisement also includes a call-to-action (CTA). This section will encourage clients to take the desired activities, such as providing their contact information, signing up for your services, or subscribing to your emails. Organize it so that your clients can find and click on it with ease.

How do you build a lead generation strategy that works in Salesforce?

If you’re already using Salesforce, you may choose from a wide range of powerful built-in lead creation tools. Let’s investigate how adding more sophisticated aspects to your plan might make it even stronger.

Connecting Ads Using Salesforce Advertising Studio

By importing customer data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Advertising Studio offers cross-channel data access and enables a thorough view of client interactions. In addition to using well-known social media sites to build audiences, marketers can also automate lead transfers, create lookalike audiences, coordinate email and advertising campaigns, and rely on the platform’s data security features for safe data management and targeted advertising. 

  • First, list all of the users who have access to Advertising Studio and indicate what level of access each person has. In the Setup and Administration area, create user accounts and modify their rights and roles.
  • Create relationships by adding your ad accounts to the chosen social media networks. Navigate to the Advertising Audience Administration panel, then select the social media icons (like Twitter) to authenticate yourself and grant permission for the Marketing Cloud application.
  • You can manage current audiences or establish new ones under the Overview tab or Journey Builder when your social media accounts have been added. This enables you to create customized advertising campaigns by utilizing consumer data.

How to Capture UTM Parameters in Salesforce?

Through the integration of marketing attribution data and UTM parameters with Salesforce, businesses can produce reports that offer valuable insights into the channels and campaigns responsible for driving customer acquisition and revenue. 

Many form-building solutions, such as Gravity Forms or Jotform, come with integrated capabilities for capturing UTM information. Your forms will automatically extract UTM parameters from the URL and send them to Salesforce along with the lead’s data if you add hidden fields and enable prefilling.

You may also obtain the UTM tags by adding a piece of code to the webpage if you utilize Salesforce Web2Lead forms. Salesforce receives this data, enabling you to precisely track leads and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns.

Conclusion After you’ve learned this, it’s time to launch your advertisements, follow up with prospects, and oversee your entire sales funnel. This can be challenging if you don’t have the correct support system. Check out the Salesforce certification training online to learn more.

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