How to learn the job oriented courses like software testing?

 List different ways and advantages and drawbacks:

There are various job-oriented courses and certification examinations in IT technical sector that you can choose according to your educational background. It is important always to choose the right job-oriented course which helps to uplift your career. One of the main things of learning online is we can do something we really enjoy and make some income out of it.

There are various ways to learn the job oriented course:

1. Live video streaming: 

The future of online experiences today is with the live stream or webcast. More and more educational institutions are coming up with this type of teaching. 

– Advantages of Live video streaming:

Here you can learn in any location and it expands audiences, attention grabbing communication and saves time and money. It provides effective training and coaching. Live video training empowers students and improves their knowledge. It can accommodate different learning styles. 

– Disadvantages of Live video streaming:

There are also some disadvantages this type of education as it needs immense self-discipline and no direct interaction with the trainer and lack of interaction with other students. The performance of any streaming applications depends on many more apart from the connectivity of internet speed. Testing the streaming applications is important where you deliver to your potential customers, with all applications like completely interruption free which cannot handle the internet traffic, etc. There are also many benefits in this stream when it comes to education.

The remote access information, which allow people anywhere to teach and learn all kinds of skills where learning job-oriented course is also one of a kind. There are many more benefits in live streaming videos where it can expand online reach; online teachers through live videos that can reach as much audience which was never possible before. This platform also encourages the content which means we get more exposure. Teachers can take their online courses further than ever by simply on any social media like youtube. The biggest disadvantages of this social media in education are its security and privacy issues.

2. Google: 

Advantages of Google: There are more educational apps and websites which provide information about many job oriented courses. Google is a search engine with which many users can create, collaborate and edit information today more students use Google apps like Gmail and docs for learning. With all these advantages 

Google still has some disadvantages: It is very vast to search sometimes, you may end up in confusion in choosing the wrong contents. Finally there is always a security issues whatever you may browse wont remain secure. 

3. Books : 

We have many advantages in reading books to job oriented course students. Reading books helps you can learn from masters and people who have already faced these situations and who are more experienced and get success. We understand masters and mentors perspective. It is the best way to educate you. There are many job oriented books which helps to build our career which provides more information. With all classes and assignments we don’t find time for reading so always should do smart reading. Find space for best career oriented books and you can say you have done proper reading. There is a disadvantage to from reading books you may get enough information but there won’t be any practical knowledge and soft skills which would help you to build your career. Your ideas and thinking will be restricted you won’t find any expansion and exposure towards the world. Too much reading some time takes too much time which means less productivity due to stress.

4. LIVE training:

– Advantages of Live training: 

The technology based training has become popular now a days and can replace the classroom training. Today there are enormous techniques, methods and activities which are available to create present memorable and meaning full learning experience. 

There are many advantages of Live training:

  • It allows students to teach in safe, quiet and clean environment away from noise pressures.
  • Training groups may be large or small in number
  • Group interaction enhances and encourages learning
  • Students learn from other students as well as from the trainer

The group setting teaches students how to interact with each other in professional environment and in productive manner which is the other training methods do not provide.

For some learners nothing satisfies as speaking directly to the instructor, as more percentage of healthy communication involves body language. This can be achieved only by classroom or live training where activities like online events, webinars and classes are included. Live training promotes distraction free classes where we can really absorb the material. The learners will be benefitted from the instructors who constantly monitor and steer the environment in which they learn.

Now days, it is significantly increasing for virtual training. Students are opting for the course online rather than attending classes. The virtual classrooms bring students together across the globe in an highly interactive online virtual platform. It greatly reduces travel time and expenses incurred in traditional brick and mortar classrooms which offer teaching programs.

Trainers can lead live, interactive classes from their own homes and students can listen or attend classes sitting at their homes cutting the travel costs and saving time. Which reduces expenses translate to lower fees without compromising the training quality. Online training has become a part of delivering model.

Knowledge anywhere benefits in providing students with various aspects of e-learning solutions. Such as their learning management system, virtual reality and training solutions. The live online training provides students advantages over both classrooms and asynchronous online courses which include cost-efficiencies, customised learning and access to industry leading instructors. Now a days in this busy world and competitive environment the 

Some more benefits of live training are:

  • Lower cost off-site instructions

Offsite classroom instructions include significant add-on costs. Travel to and from the instruction venue, food, accommodation for students during instructions. Live training avoids or minimizes all these concerns where students will be given flexibility in online training.

  • Trainer – student interaction

Instructor’s ability to with students is limited by asynchronous online training but Online video conferencing live online classes allow much interaction.

  • Customised learning

The advantage of live training is customised learning and training facility.  As your instructor knows your facility equipment and resources, he or she can provide training and practical instructions to the students. Online classes can be recorded and revisited again which helps user to learn concepts better. Any class suppose missed is checked online as recordings will be available. Which means students can pay attention more during the class and need not take notes.

The subject matter will be rich and creative manner which helps students to have higher retention of the course content. The live training classes are led by many experts where students can ask questions using a head set or chat window. These classrooms offer flexibility and convenience. You can simply login wherever you are in office or home. With all this information, above a question comes to mind that is live-training better than traditional or classroom training. There is no doubt that live training is better than class room training apart from its own advantages and disadvantages. Besides the course structure in live training it has to include properly formatted support and better explanations to enhance the focus of the students. This training is newly grouped method is growing well. It has got a great improvement compare to classroom training.

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One Comment

  1. Job oriented courses like software testing can be learnt in many ways:
    1) Through books –Great source of information Difficult to grasp practical knowledge.
    2) Through Google – Great place to search and read content. However, it is not secure and one cannot be sure about the legitimacy of sites.
    3) Through youtube videos – Good for learning basics, but no interaction with instructors.
    4) Through classroom instruction – Traditional way to learn things. Great interaction, problem solving. However, requires students and instructors to be local.
    5) Through live training – After the Covid-19 pandemic, live training is the way to go. Great interaction with instructor, problem solving possible, lower costs, students and instructor can be in different regions of the world. However, customized learning is difficult, the pace is set by the majority of the students, technical problems may be encountered.

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