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How to secure your social media account from being hacked

More often than not, a lot of social media accounts are attacked by hackers due to several reasons. Majorly because they can easily give access to other information about you and your business. This isn’t a new thing and isn’t going to end soon, so you need to keep your accounts safe. How?

In this article, we have identified different effective tips to help you keep your social media account safe from hackers. Here you go. 

  1. Use strong login details

The first way your social media account can get hacked easily is when your login details are very weak. Your login details essentially mean your password and username. For many sites, the software disagrees with a weak password and may even give suggestions. While this isn’t the same for others, you should incorporate this technique into all your social media accounts. 

This is because it is an area most hackers try to get in to get other details and possibly scam your followers as well. Your password should consist of upper and lower cases, including numerical and signs. To learn more about how hackers get people’s passwords, consider enrolling in a cyber security course online.

Also, it shouldn’t be related to other passwords. Yes, it’s easy to forget when you combine different passwords, but it also makes it easy for your social media accounts to be accessed without stress. 

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Pro Tip – If you’re struggling to create a strong password, then try using any password generator available online.

  1. Keep your login details secure

Even with a strong password, handling them carelessly will make your social media account prone to hacking. Wherever you’ll be storing your password, especially for your businesses, ensure it is very safe. When it comes to social media accounts, a third party shouldn’t be allowed access, except there’s extreme trust. 

Also, don’t store your passwords online like on Google Drive and others. Should the hackers gain access to this account, all other details will be accessed easily. 

  1. Use private wifi systems

Free data everywhere and you’re easily tempted to join in to save your expenses right? But do you know this act alone will make your account get hacked? Yes, it will because hackers are always waiting on these private wifi systems to attack them. So, before joining that public wifi, remember you’ll be making your account prone to attacks. 

If you’ll be doing this at all, keep your business account out from joining the wifi. 

  1. Avoid unknown followers and users

On each account, try to follow only verified and legitimate users. Social media is indeed a space for meeting new people, but some of these ‘new people’ are hackers that have the technology to attack your account. 

Luckily, most social media accounts have a way to show legitimate accounts. For example, Twitter and Instagram have a blue check next to the verified usernames. On the other hand, if you’ll be following others, ensure they dish out value to serve as a form of verification. 

  1. Avoid general access to your account

As we mentioned earlier, a third party should be trusted with social media accounts. However, if you can’t avoid giving some form of allowance, limit your access to them completely. For a business account, you can show two trusted employees the details with some form of threat to hold them responsible for any data breach and hacking. 

  1. Avoid unknown links

A lot of times, unknown links are sent across to social media accounts by unknown users. Sometimes, it could be a plea for some votes or to check out a website. Do not open them!

We cannot overemphasize this because most of these links will lead to a site that can easily leak your data. 

On social media, do not be greedy because you’ll come across a lot of money-dashing-promising sites. As you know, there’s no free money on the Internet, so don’t be a victim. 

  1. Logout from third-party devices

Sometimes, you cannot get to log in on third-party devices due to many factors. However, the only way to leave your accounts safe is by logging out from these devices immediately. Make no mistake to save the details on the devices because others will get your accounts. 

Pro tip – Use incognito sites when browsing to keep your history and details safe. 

Our last tip for you is to change your passwords immediately if you notice any funny acts. This is very important and doesn’t take much time.

ConclusionFrom this article, you have added knowledge about how to keep your social media accounts safe from hacking. Once you follow these tips, you’ll have no issue with attacks from hackers. If you want to learn more about cyber security tips, you can enroll in a cyber security training.

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