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Infrastructure Automation Tools

Infrastructure automation tools automate the infrastructure management processes. Infrastructure in IT is composed of the software and hardware components, network devices, OS, database etc. Infrastructure automation is a field that will be taken by surprise in the recent past. There are quite a lot of options that will fit into such domain. By choosing this tool that can be used for specific project which will be decided by the project architecture and also decided by the needs that our infrastructure is having.

Here are some of the tools used for Devops technologies:

  1. Chef

This is first on the list which is ruby based configuration management tool. “Infrastructure as code” will be the phrase that we may have come across during earlier which is totality means configuration management. Chef introduces the main concepts of cookbooks that will help us code our infrastructure in domain-specific languages and also bits and pieces of coding as well.

Chef provides facilities for virtual machines and ability to configure on them as per the rules laid out by these cookbooks. An agent may be running on these servers which are to be configured along with the chef. The cookbooks are all pulled by agent from the chef master server and also run these configurations on the server to bring  it to the desired states.

Infrastructure Automation Tools
  1. Puppet

Here second in our list is Puppet which is also ruby based configuration management tool just like chef. The configuration code is all written making use of Puppet’s domain-specific language and is wrapped in modules. Chef cookbooks are all developer-centric whereas puppet is developed keeping in mind the system administrators.

Puppet as a tool runs its own agent on all the servers which to be configured and compiled modes which will be pulled off from the puppet server. This also installs the necessary software packages that are shown in the module.

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Infrastructure Automation Tools
  1. Saltstack

The third tool is Saltstack it is python based open configuration management tool. Saltstack supports remote execution of commands. Its not like what happens in chef and puppet. Code for configuration will be pulled from the server in both chef as well as puppet, But in saltstack, the code configuration will be pushed to various nodes simultaneously.

Infrastructure Automation Tools
  1. Ansible

This is the fourth one Ansible in our list which is completely agentless configuration management tool and also as an orchestration. The configuration modules are termed as “playbooks” which are written in YAML format.These configuration modules are easy to write and compare to what other configuration management tools are. Ansible is put to use for cloud provisioning as well.

Infrastructure Automation Tools
  1. Juju

This is the fifth in the list of Devops options, that is juju which is python based orchestrion tool developed by canonical. Juju has very attractive and great UI for orchestrion our applications deployed in cloud environments. There are provision of using a command line interface to perform all orchestrion related tasks.

  1. Docker

This is best among other tools. This platform is used to help execute many applications on a single server without affecting one other. It isolates containers, separate hardware setups. This helps implement the application in the same way as a server. Docker is one of the popular infrastructure tools as its components quickly assemble applications.

  1. Jenkins

Jenkins is the more popular fastest integration automation tools for application delivery. It is java based orchestrion tool used as a version control system like Github. It is no longer just a CI tool which is used for building pipelines for provisioning and deploying applications. It has a code feature that is recently introduced which allows the CI/CD pipelines as a complete code.

8. Monit

It is an open source and also simplest infrastructure automation tools. It also called as watchdog that monitors and recovers errors in the infrastructure. It always conducts automatic repair and maintenance to execute meaningful casual actions in the error situations. This packaged tool has FreeBSD and openBSD.


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