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Introduction to Cypress

Cypress is considered as an open source test automation tool that can be used for the long run. It is used for front end test automation. This tool will is mainly developed resolve all issues that the teams encounter.

Cypress will help to achieve

-Configure tests

-execute tests

-Identify the errors

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Selenium and cypress are compared in terms of their functionalities. Cypress is different in architecture and features. It resolves some of the issues we face selenium. Cypress will be based on the javascript and run the tests within the browser. It also helps to develop the tests which include

-Unit tests

-End-end tests

-integration tests.


The important features

  1. It supports the test driven development
  2. It also provides Dashboards services
  3. Efficient debugging with the debugger tools accompanied with the generation of stack trace and errors.
  4. Provides the screenshots for failed tests.
  5. This not required to add waits to stop the execution for some time.
  6. It can monitor and control the characteristics of server response, functions, and timers. These are essential for unit testing.
  7. Check and manage network traffic.
  8. Allows the multi browser support.
  9. It is in-built feature to capture videos of execution will be available.
  10. Can be integrated with continuous integration tools.
  11. Page responsiveness with viewport sizing
  12. Reloads change applied to tests by default.

Cypress architecture

Cypress Architecture

The main source will be above diagram is Automation tools like Selenium can function by running outside the browser. The cypress will have different architecture.It will run within the browser. Cypress will be basically based on the Node.js. It has a continuous interaction of cypress with Node.js and they work in coordination with each other. Cypress can utilized for testing both the front and backend of the application. Cypress manage the tasks performed as time on the UI an simultaneously will perform in the browser.


There are some disadvantages of Cypress

  • It will be based on the  java script
  • A relatively new tool and hence the community  support will not be extensive.
  • It cannot perform mobile testing.
  • Shadow Document Object Model will not be accessed.
  • Tabs windows are managed by workarounds.

Difference between Cypress and Selenium:

It is based on the java scriptIt is depend on the C#,python and javascript
It is having a small community supportIt has a big community support
It has built–in video capture featureThere is no video capture feature
There is no API are available to handle tabs windows.API are available to handle tabs windows.
No parallel execution is performedhere parallel execution is performed

Cypress will support the cascading style sheets selectors to recognise elements. It can also perform with Xpath with the help of the cypress-Xpath.

There are rules of CSS expression

The rules of cascading style sheets expression as follows

  • There are syntax with attribute –id and also tagname#id-the css expression will be input#gsc-i-id2
  • Syntax of attribute class and also tagname will be the tagname.class-The css expression is-input.gsc-input.
  • There is a syntax-with attribute value and tagname is tagname[attribute=’value’ the css expression should be input[title=’search].
  • The css expression should be –tr td for parent to child traversal.

Cypress will give main feature of open selector playground an arrow gets visible. We have to click on it and move to recognise the elements automatically. This CSS expression is more in the field cy.get available just to right arrow.

Test Runner Toolbar

As open selector will be opted for playground an arrow gets visible.we can click it and move it to the element, which we have to identify.


1. What is cypress tool?

2. Why this cypress tool is used?

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