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What are the job opportunities for Selenium automation tester?

Selenium tester jobs

With increase in the popularity of selenium tool for automation testing, the job opportunities for selenium automation tester roles are also increasing. Selenium tools like selenium web driver are advanced automation tools in the market. Selenium makes convenient for clients to receive ROI faster by reducing the number of cycles involved in the testing. The areas see a bright future for selenium automation tester, continuous integration. Selenium is the perfect option for automated testing for websites on different browsers. It is continuously becoming popular with its rapid pace. It is the first choice of the automation testers as well as companies for automation testing in web based application for GUI as well as functionality. Selenium is massively in demand among automation tools since companies are making use of web application. The other tools in test environment also are supporting the selenium technology.

Selenium vs other automation testing tools:

The market is flooded with licensed test automation tools like HP QTP also called HP UFT, test complete, IBM RFT etc. However the tools come at that rate of cost which need continuous upgrades and regular trainings. As market and technology moves towards open source, even test automation is taking the same path. Industry reports consider selenium as a winner in the domain. Today aviation industry adopts the selenium testing to become more compatible and flexible to meet ever increasing customer expectations, technology upgrades and unpredictable business environment.

What are job opportunities for Selenium automation tester or selenium tester?

There are plenty of selenium tester jobs in US. An attractive salary range is being offered for selenium tester jobs. The selenium tester jobs are open at various experience levels like 1+ years to many years, to be hired at various levels on organisation like entry levels to senior levels. The selenium testers are expected to perform the below roles:

  • write test cases and selenium test scripts
  • modify the selenium test scripts
  • test data parameterisation
  • run the selenium test scripts and record the results
  • validate the test results against the design documents
  • execute test cases
  • execute test events in accordance with approved test plan, procedures and scripts
  • set up and validate test environment
  • create test reports
  • communication skills
  • good analytical skills
  • ability to create optimal test scenarios
  • testing EDI files and processes
  • utilise tools such as selenium IDE, selenium web driver and API tools
  • ability to use selenium web driver
  • experience testing with automation framework using selenium

How to search for Selenium automation tester jobs?

To search the selenium automation tester jobs, you can visit the various job websites like,,, and also the local sites. You can also search jobs through your friends, references, etc. The keywords used to search for the selenium automation tester jobs are:

  • selenium tester
  • selenium automation tester
  • selenium
  • selenium IDE
  • selenium web driver
  • selenium QA

Look for the selenium jobs in job websites on daily basis and apply for jobs. you can also make use of the filter options, sort options available in job portals.


Write the steps to search for Selenium tester jobs.

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