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10 Reasons to Learn Java Programming

Java is everywhere. If you want to become a developer, the first thing you need to develop is the knowledge about Java. To do that you need to select the best java j2ee online training, before thatif you are looking for the reasons for it, we have plenty of them. So, here are the top ten reasons. 

1. Best Career option 

The application of the Java language is comprehensive. From simple application to complex games, Java spread its coverage. So, in the world surrounded by Javascript, it is the best career option for web developers. It gives a plethora of opportunities and high salary as per the current market standard. 

2. Easy to master 

The significant advantage of Java is, its syntax is like English, and consequently, anyone can master this language in a short period. You can find numerous online Training for Java and learn this language. In any professional project, you need to learn quickly and should be available for production. You can do this with Java more than any other programming language. 

3. Large online community

The users of Java are in millions. The community consists of beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert developers; thus, you can get support whenever you need it. The platforms such as Java Forums, Stack Overflow, etc. help get assistance through the online forums. 

4. Abundant API

Java has a rich Application Programming Interface and consists of numerous packages, Java classes, interfaces, etc. It will allow the user to design the application without completely understanding how they work from inside. So, this is another reason you can learn things quickly and develop your apps. 

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5. Plenty of open source libraries 

The availability of numerous open-source libraries helps to design and develop Java-based applications. The open-source library allows everyone to study, copy, share, and change the resources. Apache Commons, Google Guava, JHipster, and Maven are examples of such free to use platforms. This allows young developers to develop Java programs with less cost and more quickly. Due to this fact, you can see numerous college-going and teens building innovative apps these days. 

6. Availability of powerful tools for developing 

You can find many IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) in Java to help develop Java programs. Beneficial IDE’s such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, etc. helps immensely for the success of Java. These IDEs help make the coding process efficient, fast by providing amenities such as syntax highlighting, code completion, automated refactoring, debugging, language support, etc. 

7. Free platform 

Java is available to everyone under Oracle BCL license (Oracle Binary Code License) at no cost. This is one of the main reasons, Java is becoming one of the most used and loved programming languages in the current programming world. You need not pay anything for developing and testing the programs, but while implementing for commercial purposes, you must pay a nominal fee. As a result, you can learn this programming language by performing numerous experiments by doing trial and error methods. Interested candidates can search the courses easily, if one can just search Java training near me hundreds of courses can be found.

8. Independent platform 

Another main reason why Java is becoming more popular is that it is an independent platform. Because of this feature, Java is also known as a WORA (write once and run anywhere) script. This implies that the platform works independently and can be executed on any platform. 

9. It is an object-oriented language 

Since Java is an object-oriented language, it becomes more popular in the programming world. The OOP based applications are much easier to develop along with that it aids in keeping the system flexible, modular, and extensible. Once you are thorough with vital concepts of OOP, such as Abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, and Encapsulation, you can incorporate all those techniques with Java. To support this, Java itself offers several design patterns and best practices in the library. 

10. Versatility

Java is on desktop, mobile, web, and all other different platforms.  And it is that you can find millions of Java developers. The sheer number of Java applications outnumber the competition when it comes to programming. With the bundle of benefits available with Java, many organizations select Java to develop their programs more than any other platform. Additionally, it has numerous attractive features, such as varieties of security features, network-centric designing, dynamic coding, etc. 

Not only these ten, but you can also get plenty of other reasons to learn Java and if you are looking to grow your career as a developer learning Java through Java Certification Training is a must. 

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