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Hire Dot Net Developers – A New Trend in Outsourcing

The approach of every business has changed significantly in recent years.  The massive changes happened with the introduction of ASP.Net and PHP. Before, IT professionals had to make server-side scripting and run them first on the server computer and then to the other individual systems via LAN. Now, programmers are free from this issue as they can program using the home computers and make dynamic applications. With the introduction of ASP.Net, developers can work with both server-side and client-side scripts. 

So, this allowed the developers to work from remote places rather than working in a regular office. Other platforms like PHP also support the development of dynamic applications. However, the Microsoft dot net offers the most robust and secure platform to date. Nowadays, hiring dot net developers can be done remotely, and it is becoming a new trend in the current business approach. It saves a lot of money, and due to this reason, many companies are opting for outsourcing since, in this method of hiring, they no need to provide as many amenities as they do for regular workers. You can learn the Dotnet framework and get the benefits from it. You can find the best course by searching on google with Dotnet institute near me to get the best in class institutes. Also, there are numerous online courses available to master the skills online at your convenient time and place. 

What are the features of the Dot Net? 

Dot Net developers are in huge demand, and the top employers usually look for candidates with Microsoft Certification Training to keep up with the quality. So, why it is gaining such huge importance? 

Have a look at the features Dot Net has to offer: 

The popularity of .Net Core

Microsoft .Net is one of the hottest web frameworks in the current IT industry. Many people are looking to Learn .NET Online training courses in 2020 because of its popularity and pandemic, offering extra time to work on their skills. It includes Runtime, AOT, JIT, GC, Base Class Library, C#, ASP.Net, ML.Net, F#,VB.Net,  Xamarin, Entity Framework, WinForms, and WPF. 

The new version .Net core is faster and smaller, and it makes an ideal choice when it comes to cloud installation, where speed and density are the vital aspects. It comes with the ability of fast reading and writing of JSON and also supports HTTP/2. These features make it easier for developers to port desktop applications comfortably. 

Cool features of .Net 5

In 2020 .Net is ready to take all its competitors by storm with its new .Net 5. It is counted as a popular framework that enables programmers to mitigate Blazor and other alternatives, including Vue SPA, React, and Angular frameworks. The more and coolest features are making Dot net Certification Online Course popular among the emerging developers. 

Dot net Certification Online Course

Cloud Service

Data management is one of the top priority things in the business. Along with this, the storage of data is another headache for many organizations. With cloud storage facilities, many companies are getting great relief since it offers enormous storage capacity. It allows the business to store a lot of data from anywhere and anytime. It is also one of the reasons which make the outsourcing process easier. If you complete Microsoft Certification Training, you can master all .Net tools and features to make your career more stable and rewarding. 


With the new ML.Net 1.4 version, you can bring innovation into play in your .net framework. It comes with exciting machine learning features. It is a cross-platform and open-source framework that includes the Model Builder and Command-Line Interface. It facilitates creating the custom ML (Machine Learning) models using AutoML (Automated Machine learning). You can learn more about these features and how it works in detail if you enroll for the top-rated Microsoft .NET Framework Online Training.

Secure Platform

Whether you are developing an application or any other online work, security should be the top priority. If you choose to use Microsoft .Net, you are free from worry about safety since Microsoft makes it more secure with code checks, validations, code access security, and encryption. MVC architecture enables secure and scalable mobile and web applications. Thus, considering all these features, it is the right time for you to equip yourself with right and in-demand skills to get benefits in the long run. 

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