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Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis is an open source bug tracking software which will be used to track software defects for many software projects. We can very easily download and install the mantis for use. Mantis has a hosted software. We can easily modify the mantis to map your software development workflow.

Features of Mantis BT are

  1. Email notifications-It will send out some email updates, comments, resolutions to the concerned stakeholders.
  2. Access control- we can use control access at a project level
  3. Customise- we can easily modify Mantis as per the requirements.
  4. Mobile support- Mantis supports iphone, Android and windows phone platforms.
  5. Plug-in-Ever-expanding library of plug-in will add custom functionality to Mantis Issue Tracker.

How to report an issue:

  1. We have to log into the Mantis
Mantis Bug Tracking System
  1. Once we log into it our user-name will be displayed on the top of the Mantis main screen and we can report an issue into Mantis by clicking on the option “Report Issue” as shown below
MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners
  1. In the next screen

Enter the bug category

Enter the reproducibility

Enter Severity

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Enter Priority

Enter Platform Details

Enter the Summary of the Bug Report

Enter Description

Enter Steps to reproduce the error

Click Submit Report

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners
  1. After entering all the details in the report window, we will submit a report and soon our report will be displayed on main window show in the screen-shot below, if clicked on view issue, the issue will appear on the screen with the id “0017896” it shows the status as new and also the date when it is created.
MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners
  1. The issue id 0017844 highlights mistake in details like project reporter, this status date given and last updated.
MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners
  1. we can even add files, documents, images to our bug
MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners
  1. We can click history to top of the issue Report to see issue history. This issue history has explanation like when as the issue is built and when the file was added to the issue or may be any note added to the issue if there is any note added to the issue. Once issue is submitted the developer receives the email

How we can create a new user in Mantis bug tracker?

This is very significant thing to create users in the Mantis that will be working software. These users that can developers, testers and the product owner having different permissions as through the roles. There are steps to create new user in mantis.

Step 1: To navigate to the manage users sections by clicking on  manage tab present on the left panel on the screen. We have to create ‘Create New account’ Button present on the page.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Step 2: When we click on the button ‘create new account’ a new web page is appeared for entering the details of the new user that include:


Real name

Email address

Access level which can be reporter, updater, developer, manager or administrator



When we complete filling the for details we should click on the ‘new user’ button present at the bottom.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Step 3: When a user will be created with the basic details provided. Now the ‘Edit user’ screen will be displayed in order to complete  the advanced details of the above created user. ‘Add user to project panel displayed asking for a project available when we want to add user to. Select the desired project that we want to add the user and click on the add user button present.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Step 4: It has account preferences box that choose priorities for the user like default project, refresh delay, redirect delay, email on various statuses of a bug after updating all the preferences, click on the ‘update prefs’ button that is present in the bottom of the panel.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Step 5: An email will be sent to the added user with the username and the link to set the password. User select the link and needs he can start accessing the mantis bug tracker.

Step 6: The newly added user is reflected in the manager user screen of the administrator who has a permission to view and manage all the users.


1. What is Mantis Bug tracker?

2. What are the features of Mantis Bug tracker?

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