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Operational testing is a type of testing which confirms that product, system, service and process meets operational requirements. Operational requirements include performance, security, stability, maintainability, accessibility, interoperability, backup and recovery. It is type of non functional acceptance testing.

The types of operational testing are:

  1. Component testing: In this type of testing each component is tested independently to find the defects and verify the functionality of the product.
  2. Fail over testing: This type of testing mainly focuses on validating the product’s ability to allocate resources and the operations are moved to the backup systems.
  3. Functional stability: The main team is concerned with ensuring the accessibility, stability and usability of the software product.
  4. IT service management: The team is busy validating the supportability of the software.
  5. Portability testing: The team performs this type of testing to focus on the aspects like compatibility, interoperability, installation and localisation of the product.
  6. Recovery testing: The main purpose of this type of testing is to ensure the application data recovery across all data centres, if there is any security breach or disaster recovery.

Operational testing is necessary during operational configurations and operational support and components come together. It checks the functional or structural changes in to software in a functional and non functional environment. It tests whether software operates the way it is designed without disrupting the business process. Operational testing mainly focuses on these things like:

Resiliency, Recovering ability, Manageability and supportability and Integrity

For example, during operational testing, backups taken at one site can be recovered at the same site. The implementation of new features into the live production environment should not affect the integrity of current production services.

The advantages of operational testing are

It allows feature interaction, validates the various aspects of the software product before it is released and ensures the optimum user experience.


  1. What is the process of operational testing?
  2. What are advantages and disadvantages of operational testing?
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