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Python Jobs to Choose in 2024

You have heard it countless times: learn Python, get a Python job, work as a freelance Python developer. You are always hearing about how amazing Python skills can be. And you begin to question whether you need to join the trend.

Is learning Python still worthwhile? Yes. Have you entered the game too late? Most likely not. I’ll explain why in this article. In short, there’s a lot of demand for Python jobs! Python is used by everyone!

Moreover, if you are here to learn Python but need assistance getting started. Having a multitude of work alternatives is one of the numerous benefits of learning Python.

If you are wondering whether you should learn Python or if you need some motivation, this article is for you. Check out our free Python classes online to learn more.

Here is a list of Python jobs you should consider in 2024:

1.Python Developer

A Python Developer uses Python to write software. This is a pretty general phrase that covers a wide range of topics. You may make desktop apps, online apps, or other kinds of programs. Since this is such a broad position, everyday responsibilities might differ greatly between companies.

However, one thing is certain: you will receive a good salary. The average pay for a Python developer in the US is $102,490, according to Glassdoor.

2.Data Scientist

Data roles are in-demand and fashionable. And things will stay this way for a very long time because many apps depend on data. Consider applying for a position as a data scientist, where your expertise in machine learning and statistics will be put to use in forecasting with data.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a data scientist is $102,988 in the United States.

3.Data Analyst

Python and other tools are used by data analysts to gather insights from data and assist businesses in making decisions. Your proficiency with Python and solid domain expertise may help you land a job as a data analyst.

Python Jobs to Choose in 2024

This role may occasionally serve as a stepping stone towards a career as a data scientist. It will enable you to comprehend and handle data, which will ultimately assist companies in making wise judgments and boosting their earnings.

Sometimes handling data also calls for understanding of Excel, analysis, SQL, statistics, data visualisation, etc.

According to research from Glassdoor, the average salary for a data analyst in the US is $71,998.

4.Quantitative Researcher

A quantitative researcher looks for patterns and insights in numerical data. They build methods and make conclusions based on both tabular and non-tabular data.

Remember that to work in this industry, you’ll need to be quite proficient in mathematics. You have a chance if you possess them in addition to strong Python knowledge. Employers of quantitative researchers include banks, hedge funds, fintech startups, and algorithmic betting organisations.

The average salary for a quantitative researcher working in the US is $149,347, according to Glassdoor.

5.Front-End Web Developer

You might not immediately think of Python when considering front-end web development. This is because back-end development was the only application for Python. However, things are evolving, and new front-end Python frameworks for Python are becoming more widespread, such as PyScript, Pyjs, and Brython.

In other words, with your proficiency in Python, you can now work as a front-end developer. The average pay for a front-end web developer in the US is $73,107, according to Glassdoor.

6.AI and Machine Learning specialist 

The most popular tool for machine learning (ML) in today’s employment market is Python. ML is an incredibly popular field. Thus, being proficient in Python can help you get a career as a machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) specialist.

A machine learning or artificial intelligence specialist’s job is to create statistical models that instruct computers on how to carry out specific tasks. Many businesses can benefit from the extensive uses of AI and ML, such as picture generators, recommender systems, object detectors, medical diagnostic tools, and price predicting models.

The responsibilities of a data scientist and an AI specialist often overlap because both require a solid grasp of statistics and data manipulation.

A machine learning specialist in the US makes, on average, $87,327 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Python Jobs to Choose in 2024

7.Test Automation Engineer

Another language used for automated testing is Python. Automation testing reduces error-proneness and improves testing speed and efficiency. It helps get items to market more quickly, guarantees consistency, and saves time and money. As such, an organisation can benefit greatly from having a test automation engineer on staff.

According to Glassdoor statistics, the average salary for an automated testing engineer is $97,030.

8.Blockchain Developer 

Another in-demand expertise for blockchain development is python. Smart contracts and dApps (decentralised apps) are created by blockchain developers. The entire blockchain ecosystem’s design and protocol can also be built with Python. If you are proficient in Python and have a solid understanding of databases, network protocols, and cryptography, you have a chance.

According to Glassdoor, the average blockchain developer gets a salary of $90,118 per year.

9.Python Freelancer

Would you like to work for yourself, maybe from any location in the world? Then you ought to think about working as a freelance Python programmer. The gig economy in general and freelance work in particular are growing. Additionally, there is a big need for Python specialists and developers. It’s worthwhile to investigate if the thought of working for oneself appeals to you.


To learn more about Python job roles, check out our free Python training.

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