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Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance testing is the process which will ensure organisation will deliver the good products or the services possible. Quality assurance aims for the consistent results through standardised procedures. Testing ensures that the organisation will need to make sure that their processes for gaining desired results which hit specific benchmark. The main thing is that Quality assurance does not involve actual testing of the products, instead it will focus on procedures which will make sure that the best outcome these are process oriented.

Quality assurance has process with following steps in it:

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Check
  4. Act
Quality Assurance Testing
  1. Plan: Planning will be done by organisation and establish process related to objectives. Objectives determine the process required to deliver high quality end product.
  1. Do: development and testing process and do changes in process
  1. Check: it checks whether it meet predetermined objectives, monitoring of process
  1. Act: this should implement actions which are necessary to gain improvements in process.

Organisation should use Quality assurance which will make sure product is designed and implemented with correct procedure which helps to reduce problems and errors.

Best practices for the quality assurance are:

  1. It will create robust testing
  2. It will select release criteria 
  3. It allocates time appropriately for each of the process
  4. It will simulate customer accounts which is similar to production environment.

There are several certifications which are available in industry that make sure the organisation will follow standards, quality processes. Customers make this as a qualifying criterion while selecting software vendor. Main reason for this is to review and verify whether organisation is following the process as expected and check whether existing processes need improvement.

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Quality control

Main aim of this quality control is, it verifies if the product meets the specifications and requirements of customer. If issue or problem is been identified it has to be fixed before delivery to the customer.

Quality control makes correction. Experts use their quality level skills set which imparts training and certification. This will evaluate requirements for service which is based on organisation and helps to provide perfect service to the customers

Quality assurance:

  1. Technology transfers: Involves getting the product design which can be documented, evaluation of data
  2. Validation: Approval of test criteria which validates product and process is been set.
  3. Documentation: Changes are recorded in the document 
  4. Assuring quality products
  5. Quality improvements plans

Differences between quality assurance and quality control:

Quality control                                              Quality assurance

Walkthrough                                                   – quality audit

Testing                                                            – defining process

Inspection                                                       – tool identification and selection

Check point review                                         – training of quality std and process

Process oriented                                             – product oriented

Preventive activities                                        – corrective process

Subset of STLC                                               – subset of quality assurance


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