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Ranorex It is an important goal to maintain the software quality now a days. Everything is expected to be fast and efficient. The time is seen almost everywhere. In such situation the manual testing will not seem to yield sufficient results, where the automation testing comes into the picture.

Ranorex Introduction

Ranorex Studio:

Ranorex is an efficient tool to automatise tests for web applications, standalone and mobile applications. The main components of Ranorex studio are: the Ranorex Recorder, Object repository, Ranorex spy, code editor and a debugger in a single environment.

System settings and Ranorex Licence:

Everyone needs to register on the official website with the business email-id. The link download and install the trial version will be sent to the registered business email-id. When a business email-id which is not available then we should contact sales team and they will help downloading the trial version. 

register on the official website with a business email id

We can use the features of Ranorex studio beyond 30 days we have to buy the license. Ranorex offers two types of premium licences

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  1. Node-locked
  2. Floating

Both licences have all the similar features, but floating licence can be shared by more than user and can be used on virtual environments. This system settings for tool is simple. The Ranorex studio package installs most of the software components required for its working. This application wizard to install the tool is simpler and easy to understand.

Ranorex Studio:

When the tool is launched the tool it automatically opens the Ranorex studio.

Ranorex Studio

The Studio actually offers three views

  • Project View
  • Module view
  • File view

Project view shows all the files of a current project.

Module View shows all the modules of the current project.

File View has a variety of operations on the opened file.

Ranorex Recorder

Every other test automation tool, this tool allows the user to record test steps as actions on the application under the test and then play it back later. The recorded steps can be modified and fine –tuned.

Ranorex spy:

This tool will reorganise the UI elements of the objects under the test in the element browser. It will give the hierarchical representation of all the elements all over the path that mentions the path parameters like attributes, values and adapters. The adapters define the kind of application, values and attributes define the type UI elements.



This is having an ability to identify the specific element by changing this path. For example, we can enter the below path to recognise all the elements with text.


The path will highlight the element by entering in the first form.

Execute a test

There are modules that are created by the Ranorex applications. These modules can be used to run the project. The Double click on startUT module and then click Run.

Ranorex repository

When we want create a map between UI elements we can use the Ranorex repository. The entire UI elements of application under the test that can be accessed through the repository. Each repository will have two columns, items and also path. This item and also element has the logical mapping of elements. These details that can be used with code files or recording as well as each repository create a .NET source file. Objects that can be used very quickly for the automation code.

We should consider:

That a ranorex project can be identified through “rxtst” extension.

We have “rxrec” recording file where all the actions can be added.

“FirstprojectRepository.rxrep” will be the ranorex repository files that can be logical representation of whole UI elements of an object which is under test.

Recording file includes two files within it. The CS file and the UserCode file.

The User code file is used when feature provided by recording module will not be enough.


1. What is Ranorex?

2. Why Ranorex is used?

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