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Reasons why Salesforce and WordPress is the best combination

You might be familiar with WordPress and Salesforce. You may even be able to complete your work on these websites. But have you thought of WordPress Salesforce Integration?

A well-known customer relationship management (CRM) platform called Salesforce enables businesses to centrally manage their workflows with other apps and services. It helps companies develop enduring client ties. However, the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) for building and hosting websites, is WordPress.

By combining Salesforce and WordPress, you will improve both your marketing strategy and your customers’ browsing experience. Your team will be able to instantly add leads, customers, and other contacts to your CRM by integrating your WordPress forms with Salesforce. You can learn more about Salesforce by enrolling in a good online Salesforce training program, but here are the reasons why Salesforce and WordPress are the best combinations:

1.Convert from Submissions into Leads.

If you want to convert leads created by WordPress form submissions into customers, you need to integrate your website with Salesforce more closely.

You may submit form data to Salesforce and track the success of your form in your CRM using WordPress plugins and filters. By studying the forms that convert better, your inbound marketing team can improve the ones that don’t work as well.

2.Simplify User Management.

Syncing WordPress users with the CRM is a great way to maintain a consistent database. To add new leads to your Salesforce database, you could make use of fundamental WordPress functionality like site registration. Your teams can have real-time access to the same data thanks to a sync of all the fields in the two applications.

Reasons why Salesforce and WordPress is the best combination

This integration is appropriate for you if your Salesforce customer portal provides a membership-related service or you house exclusive data that users can access. If Salesforce is used, user accounts will sync rapidly.

By designating leads as customers, you may have Salesforce automatically update the customer tags. You’ll do this to get rid of manual upgrades, which will greatly reduce the strain on your sales crew.

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3.Track User Activity. 

It’s always a good idea to be aware of which pages on your website are getting the most attention and interaction. This is possible thanks to Salesforce. Before you start, keep in mind that tracking user behaviour on your website will require a sizable amount of computing power. You should be well aware of the costs before you begin because some hosting firms may charge you for this.

4.Monitor the Activities of logged-in Users.

You can set up logged-in user page tracking to record user page history in a Salesforce custom object. to ascertain which areas of your website receive the most traffic. You should be aware that this type of user tracking uses a significant amount of CPU resources if you host your WordPress website.

You can also be charged differently depending on the company that hosts your website. You might stumble into a useful situation. Salesforce and WordPress connections could improve the accuracy and efficiency of customer activity tracking.

5.Add Campaign Identifiers to WordPress Actions.

Do you want to link your standard or customised Salesforce campaigns to WordPress actions? You can connect users who register on your WordPress website with a sales campaign using Salesforce Integration WordPress.

Reasons why Salesforce and WordPress is the best combination

Each person who completes a particular form can also have a Salesforce campaign ID created for them. It is even possible to specify which website activities should be monitored. You could, for instance, include a WordPress action that keeps track of how many blog entries readers have read under each category of goods or services. They can be linked using a campaign ID. They will be included in that group if they meet a certain statistic.

6.Build an eCommerce Store.

There are several ways to import your product database into your Salesforce CRM. However, there are only a few options to keep that data synchronised with an outside eCommerce website. The greatest variety of Salesforce setups can be employed with a number of ready-to-use components. These pre-made solutions could make any alterations to the database or workflow of your eCommerce site useless.

One component of a bespoke integration solution could be a product catalogue. It may also come with a full e-commerce system that manages your Salesforce database’s sales, stock levels, and other sales data. Prior purchase data from Salesforce can be used to target customers for new products, promotions, or marketing initiatives.

7.Taking Advantage of the Salesforce Community Cloud.

This is a standard method for using CMS Connect to add content from any external CMS to your Salesforce community. By connecting various CMS components, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as displaying and editing headers and footers, blogs and articles, and other reusable content, you may engage with the information on your community pages. The branding of your CMS and website will be uniform as a result.

8.Leverage on Customer Object Integration.

The ability to create an entire set of things just for your WordPress website is Salesforce’s finest feature. Your businesses or properties can be watched over as the data is stored in Salesforce.

The integration can assist you in keeping track of quantities, payments, and deadlines on your Salesforce database. You can accomplish a lot by integrating WordPress and Salesforce. A talented developer is all that is required for integration.


With Salesforce and WordPress, there are certainly many possibilities. Make sure your business goals and priorities are reflected in all of your adjustments and configurations. You can consider the above-listed reasons why Salesforce and WordPress are the best combinations. Finally, there are online Salesforce certification courses available for you to learn more about.

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