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Reliability means something is dependable and it will give same result every time the steps are executed. Reliability testing is a type of testing where, the software can perform a failure free operation for a particular time in a specified environment. In other words the reliability testing in software, assures that the product is fault free and can be reliable to use.

The types of reliability testing are:

  1. Feature testing: It check the features of each software by conducting the following steps like
  • Each operation in the software is executed once.
  • Interaction between the two operations is reduced.
  • Each operation is checked for its proper execution

2. Load testing: this type of testing is conducted, to check the performance of the software under the maximum load because the software will work very fast at the beginning after that it will start to degrade.

3. Regression Testing: this type of testing is used to check whether any new bugs have been introduced in between fixing the old ones.

For reliability testing, the data is gathered from the different stages of development like design and operating fields. Here the tests conducted are very limited because of time and cost restrictions. Time constraints are handled by applying the fixed dates or deadlines for the tests to be performed. The design of the software is stopped and the implementation phase achieves some satisfactory results from reliability testing one should take care of some reliable characteristics. The reliability testing is differentiated into three different segments. They are:




Some common problems occur during designing the test cases like:

  • Test cases can be designed by simply selecting the valid input for every field in the software. If changes are made to any module the previous values may fail to test the new features introduced.
  • There may be some critical runs by the software which will not be handled by any present test case. So it is necessary that all the possible test cases are considered through the test case selection.


  1. What is software Reliability and how it is achieved?
  2. Give suitable example for Reliability testing?
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