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Roles of Test leader and Test manager in software testing process of IT projects

Software testing has gained importance over the years. It is more crucial for projects to under go rigorous testing by an independent testing team. Software is tested at every level of its development. The independent testing team is hired to test the software with a stringent plan, in an organized manner, following the standard techniques, using software testing tools. In this article we list the roles of test leader and test manager in software testing process of IT projects. 

The software testing team comprises of Test manager, Test leaders and Testers. The testers include entry-level software testers, senior testers, automation testers, performance testers, etc. There is a test manager who leads many testing groups, with each testing group led by a test leader. In some projects, if there are one or two testing groups, a test leader leads them and hiring a test manager is optional. The role of the test leader and test manager are similar. The testers and testing groups are hired based on testing work load in the team. The testing team works in collaboration with the other IT team members like business analysts, architects, developers and system administrators. Below is the organisation structure for testing team in IT projects. 

Diagram: 1

Before understanding the roles and responsibilities of a test lead or test manager, we will first know what is test management? It is a important process to ensure software quality which involves the process of testing and validating the software. The test management practice includes organising and controlling the testing process and also ensuring visibility, traceability and control of testing process which delivers a high quality software. The software development life cycle includes software testing as one of its phases, has advantages like, it improves quality, reliability and performance of the system and produces good quality product in the competitive market.

To create an effective test process we need a good test manager. Test Manager or lead plays a central role in the team. Test manager or lead takes the full responsibility for the project’s success. The roles of Test leader and Test manager in software testing process of IT projects are listed below:

  • Building and leading the testing team to the success of the project.
  • Develop test strategy and test plans for projects
  • Participate in developing and reviewing the test policies for organisation.
  • Defining the scope of testing within the context of every release and every software testing level or cycle.
  • The use of resources in an effective way and managing the resources for software testing.
  • Applying the appropriate test measurement and metrics for the software product and testing team. 
  • Identify and resolve the project risks in testing team like
    • No enough time to test 
    • Not enough resources to test
    • The project budget is low
    • Testing teams are offshore
    • The requirements are too complex 

The test leader or test manager plays an important role at an outset of the project. They will in work collaboration with the stake holders, devise the test objectives, organisational test objectives, policies, test strategies and test plans. They decide when test automation is appropriate and they put effort and plan to select the tools and ensure training the testing team. During test implementation the test managers / test leaders make sure that the test environment is set up and verified before test execution and managed during the test execution.

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