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Things to know about the quality testing phases and its characteristics

In the software development process, testing plays an important role. Software testing requires complete assessments of a product to make sure it fulfills the client’s requirements and objectives. The main role of software testing is to detect the errors and bugs before it moves to the implementation phase.

If the detects are not seen before distributing the software you can face adversely affects the client business, clear all the errors you could have higher pay. Software quality is maintained through the testing process and it gathers the client’s confidence and trust.

The final product will perform consistently, accurately, and reliably with a lower cost of maintenance. In today’s scenario, more job vacancies are available in software testing fields. You can enrich your career by holding a qa testing certification. It is very important to have a look at each phase of software testing to make the product qualified.

Phases of software testing life cycle

Examining each part of the software or module is necessary to make sure product accuracy and precision. Foremost testing itself is a long process, testers check out each phase in the product. Problems can be created if the testing shortage arises in the company. The problems include undetected regression bugs, fluctuating bugs, in some cases, the modules in software skip the testing if the teams face a deadline.

Requirement analysis

Before starting the testing process, the tester has to study, view, and analyze the specifications of the software. Both functional and non-functional requirements must be gone through by the tester. After that, they have to choose an appropriate testing tool. The main processes in this section are prerequisite analysis and categorizing and identifying test requirements. Choose the requirements for both manual and automated testing.

Test planning

Test planning occurs in the third stage of the testing process, after analyzing the requirements for testing quality assurance teams conducts this process. This stage mainly focuses on the risk factors involved in the software and schedules the time and deals with new test planning. The company allocates the role and responsibilities of the employees after finalizing the testing tools. While testing each module’s time allotment is offered. The outcome of this product is to test plan records and assessments of efforts and time.

Test case development and designing

After completing the above process, it’s time for the development stage. According to the test, the plan tester creates and develops test cases. The next stage is based on affirmation and validating. In this stage of updating, the approval of automation scripts and test cases take place. It is encrypted with different varieties of input data and contemplated outcome.

Test environment setup

While testing the product it requires environmental factors such as hardware, servers, frameworks, and software. The main components of this phase are software and hardware configurations along with the test data setup. Train your testers to cope up with bug tools also smoke testing is always mandatory where you can solve crucial errors.

Test execution

Once the team is done with the above stages, then the software is ready for testing. Testers execute the test cases in this stage. They also detect, identify, and capture the defects for reporting the bugs. The testers have to compare the product’s expected output with the actual results.  

Test closure

When the test execution ends and the final software is at delivery stages, it’s time for the test closure phase. After testers complete their process, QA checks the test outcomes along with other team members. The factors they mainly focus on are project rate, test coverage, and product quality.

Quality testers want to fulfill the customer need and feel them satisfied with your work. In IT sectors there are multiple job roles are applicable, but quality testers play an important role. If you want to start your career in quality testing and gain a qa certification, this type of certification is available online.

6 quality testing characteristics of software

If the company is deploying software, it should be of good quality. Verify whether it functions properly and detects a small error. There are six main quality characteristics possessed for software


Functionality is an important element for any software or product. It means how much capacity the software would perform. The correctness of the function is seen through accuracy. Interoperability refers to the ability of software to interact with the other components of the system. Security is necessary to resolve all the unauthorized access to the software.


Only limited customers use the specific software so it is necessary to refer to the usability. The specific software should come with effectiveness, satisfaction, and efficiency. Learnability refers to the learning effort of multiple customers.


If there are any issues or defects in the software components, it progresses by the maintainability. This process is carried out by the code readability or complexity and also impacted by flexibility. The root cause of failure is analyzed through analysability. The amount of effort taken to change a system is seen through changeability.


Reliability is known as the ability of the software to perform its operation and function in a suitable environment. This process takes place without detecting any failure in the system.


Efficiency is an attribute distressed with the system environment. It is also known as the ratio of output to the input. Time behavior refers to the time responses for a given throughput. Resources behavior provides the resources used in the software environment.


Portability is characterized by how well the software can adapt to the environments when the changes take place. Adaptability refers to the ability of the product changes to the new environment when the small bugs arise.


The above-given details might clear all your doubts about the phases and the characteristics of quality testing. Take up the online qa testing certification training where you will be guided by the experts. They explain the concepts with the help of a real-time example, if you want a job in quality testing these certifications will definitely help you. Make your career stronger by updating yourself to the new technology.

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