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Scrum tools taken as a framework which assists within the software development teams  work together during a streamlined way. This is considered as methodology for developing, building and delivering products with the good speed,quality and efficiency. In this way of procedure all the complicated projects are quiet a  more speed, quality, efficiency.

Consider an example as a team that witnessed any inefficiency in a process. Suppose in that case, they are going to solve it very fast, the task will be divided into many tiny parts an also daily meetings are held it review.

The fundamental unit of scrum may be small team that contains:

  • the product owner who is commanding to maximise team deliverability and ensuring sound output.
  •  The scrum master who most will be for removing obstacles for any team where they may achieve the product goals.
  • Developers or any team members who must build  the products.

What is Scrum tools?

Scrum tools are software systems that are utilised in for any project management. They depend on the scrum framework that’s part of the agile methodology particularly for software development. Scrum tools have features and also capabilities that’s joined to improvise project management process, product quality and team collaboration that is used on scrum techniques like sprints, burn down charts  and also manage scrum projects effectively by providing an individual team that will plan,track and manage scrum projects.

Why this Scrum tools are a use?

These scrum tools are helpful in project management a broad term with many works and processes it involves

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  • The Running sprints: The scrum tools supports the team for running a sprints by providing them to manage the backlog, assign can be divided entire complicated tasks into smaller one.
  • Collaborating: The scrum tools are functioning for scrum methodologies that also assists us in effective collaboration among the team members. It keeps the whole team which is targeted and motivated and also makes feedback very easy to include because as the developers may improve wherever necessary.
  • Enabling transparency: This scrum tools which may offer very transparency by joining them to scrum values. It always display who will be working on which task and its progress.It will keep the members who is on the identical page for greater transparency.
  • Accelerating work: We can take a look at all the dashboard and understand the status of all the work which is set and completed and also pending.

The best Scrum Tools are:


Scrum tools: Jira

Jira is too expensive if your organisation is very small, to the purpose where it ends to confusion and reduce the time with all the staff who spends on completing the task. If we are established scrum teams that’s looking to depart behind a workflow that’s management system which isn’t sophisticated enough for all the operations like Trello or also Asana.

2.Vivify Scrum

Scrum tools: VivifyScrum

Suppose if there are less people within the team say around 10 members on the team we’ll save the amount by using the vivify scrum employing a tool like Jira, without sacrificing that much quality or sophistication. If we’ve got over 10 members on our team, vivify scrum continues to be cheaper than Jira. This Vivify Scrum will provide an agile board, Scrum Board, Kanban board and also time management features.

Vivify Scrum allows the scrum board to manage sprints and a Kanban board to progress the workflow management and also to minimise labor hours. Any good scrum tool  that is easy access for the product backlog and sprint backlog.

Vivify Scrum always combines with the slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Webhooks and Zapier. We may use the API integration to join vivify Scrum with the CRM and ERP systems.


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