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Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch

A skilled Python programmer must be able to use the Selenium Webdriver for testing. You can use Python application programming interfaces to connect with the browser through the web driver. The Selenium Webdriver is capable of sending Python commands to various browsers, regardless of differences in their designs. You can learn Selenium Python Automation and run Python scripts for all the popular web browsers and operating systems. 

Why you must learn how to use Selenium WebDriver with Python?

You must know how to automate web application tests by using Python Scripting and Selenium WebDriver. As a skilled python programmer, you should have training in Python Scripting. It will help you in creating, assessing, and understanding various scripts in Python. 

You must learn the Selenium Python API Methods to have a better knowledge of the Selenium web automation framework. Proper training will turn you into a confident programmer, who can perform software test automation.

Many professionals have joined training programs to learn Selenium WebDriver with Python from scratch. Now, they have a better understanding of Python frameworks which brought better work opportunities. 

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Why Python is a better alternative to Java in Selenium?

The following reasons make Python a better alternative to Java in Selenium:

  • As experienced by all the professionals, Java programs run quite slower in comparison to Python programs. 
  • Java starts and ends blocks with traditional braces whereas Python relies on indentation for this job. 
  • Python is a much simpler programming language than Java. It is also more compact and that’s why Python is a favorite choice in Selenium. 

Build your career in software and web app test automation:

You have a great opportunity to build your career in software web application test automation. You won’t be a struggling software tester anymore. There are training programs you can join to become a master of the Selenium WebDriver Test Automation framework. 

A perfect Selenium Python Automation training will teach you how to automate tests for web applications. You will learn python scripting and it will quickly improve your software testing skills. Consequently, you will quickly find a great job with a handsome salary. Or,  you can get promoted and gain a better position in your IT firm!

What will you learn?

Most of the courses focus on two things, Python Scripting, and Selenium WebDriver training. 

The first part of the training improves your Python Scripting skills. You learn this thing from the scratch. You can join this course even if you have basic knowledge of HTML and web apps. The training will teach you how to install and configure Python, PyCharm, PIP, and it will introduce Python Scripting. 

You will later learn about variables, data types, conditional statements, control flow, functions, and exception handling in the Python programming language. It is obvious to have some questions and confusion. Comprehensive examples and guidance from a good tutor will clear all the concepts. 

The second part of the training will focus on Selenium WebDriver. You will learn what this webdriver is and what it does. The training will progress ahead with installation and configuration training. 

You will learn essential steps to record and test Python scripts using Selenium IDE. The Selenium IDE is also used as a software testing tool. This training will reveal methods to run web automation test scripts on several web browsers. You will learn how to locate elements and what actions you must take to deal with common elements. A comprehensive training program will reveal everything involved with Selenium Python API Methods. Many programmers have joined this course and today they can test any Python web app using the Selenium WebDrivier.

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