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MySQL is among widely used and popular database technologies, so quite a lot of tools that have been developed in order to make the processes of designing, creating and administering databases very easy and convenient. With all the possible options, it is difficult to choose one tool that will fit our requirements best.

The best tools

  1. dbForge Studio for MYSQL:

The multi-purpose GUI tools is an IDE that comprises a wide range of features and functionality necessary for MYSQL database development and maintenance. It allows us to create and run queries, develop and also debug stored routines, automate database object management, analyse table data name and intuitive interface.


  • It has rich code formatting functionality that allows to create and modify code profiles to standardise our code and will make as clean as possible.
  • MariaDB database is supported.
  • It is capable to create result scripts for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements to a sql file with the help of CRUD Generator.
  1. MYSQL Workbench

MySQL workbench is a DB tool for database architects, developers and DBAs. It provides various functionality which will designing,developing and administering databases. It’s available in 3 editions-community, standard and Enterprise. Community is a free open-source edition which offers a primary set features and the remaining two are commercial editions with extended functionality.

Advantages are

  • It  sees server status and health, and server logs
  • This is developed by Oracle company behind MySql itself. So we can be sure MYsql workbench is very compatible with all recent features MySql.
  • It performs for windows, Linux and MacOX.
  1. phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin can be a web-based Mysql administration tool. It is the most popular tool of its kind mainly due to how easy it is to use and the fact that it’s completely free. It may lack of some advanced features other tools provide but its basic functionality will be enough to help us create functioning websites without advanced knowledge of Mysql.

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  • It can be analysed from most computers because it’s web-based.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Kit can be found in 80 languages – both right and left.
  1. HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL is a free tool used for database management. It is browsing or editing data that will be creating and modifying tables, managing user privileges, or other tasks.


SQLyog is a database management application tool with the visual design and comparison tool. We can connect or database using SQLYOG easily. The platform encrypts all our data, from the sql statement formatting to rapid data retrieval. If we don’t  have the default port open for remote connections we can use SSH tunnel to access the MYSQL Database. These features are valuable for preserving our system’s security while using the tool. SQLyong  will enable the users to schedule the backups, automate the data exports and synchronisation, and import external data from ODBC source to MYSQL.

The features are:

  • The schema optimiser and index analyser will allow us to analyse what data are stored in table.
  • Use an SSH tunnel to manipulate our Mysql server even supposing the Mysql port will be blocked or remote access is not allowed.
  • It can run as multi threaded query with an option to run multiple queries at the same time.
Screenshot of DronaHQ.


This is a low code development platform which allows us to build MYSQL GUI’s, Admin panels, Dashboard and custom apps without advanced coding experience. We can create full featured MYSQL GUIs do CRUD operations which connect to anything with REST or may be GraphQL API, view data in tables, charts and JSON viewers and automate tasks by using WYSIWYG UI editor and prebuilt UI controls.

The features are

  1. By connecting to MYSQL database instantly will provide an intuitive drag and drop interface for quickly creating custom MYSQLfrontends.
  2. Here the visual builder is simple to use, reusable controls like charts ,table grids, lists, detailed views, buttons, form fields and custom UI controls will save even more time when it comes to creating the perfect user interface.


  1. What is the use of MYSQL GUI Tools?
  2. Explain any two of MYSQL GUI tools?
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