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Software Requirement Specifications

Software requirement specifications are documents that have the description of the system requirements. It serves as a frame of reference for both clients as well as software developers. It’s the most important thing that the SRS documents will be validated before the next phase of the software development. Software requirement analysis and specifications activity have to be collected appropriately with the client or the end-users requirements which will form the basis for software development.

Requirement collection is the process that serves as the gateway to emphasize the proposed software systems which will satisfy the desired requirements of its clients or end-users. The outcome of the software requirement analysis activity will be the software requirement specifications documents which will be an authentic software system.

Value of good SRS

They will serve as the frame of written document for the communication between clients who have been placed an order for the software development on the payment which is based upon the software contract that has been accepted to develop and deliver the requisite software.

End-users of the software system, a client who has ordered the software for the purchase, and also the suppliers who have agreed to develop and supply. Three will have to communicate and comment purely on the basis of SRS. High-quality SRS will be precise in the description of the proposed software which means it will specify and finalize the end-users requirements.

Role of SRS 

The main objective of the requirement analysis activity is to understand the problem, guess the situation of client’s organization.  SRS should not be confusing or informal that would generate the wrong interpretation of the system. As it may further lead to misunderstandings. The key role of SRS is to minimize the potential conflicts or to overcome misunderstandings that may come in the future. 

To avoid using SRS documents we need to check which can be established and then clarify the delivered software which satisfies all the customers’ needs

Requirement process:

There are various processes that are carried out. They include:

As an engineer, a process where SRS will be produced after the feasibility studying and problem analysis.

Three basis tasks or the activities concerning requirements process are:

  • Requirement analysis 
  • Requirement specification 
  • Requirement validation 

Requirement analysis

This is also called the analysis which will be a process to obtain the exact needs of the client and end-users which will be expected from the software system when it’s been put to use. The analysis will lead to the actual specifications and also their validation along with possible constraints where the software is being developed. The analysis involves a series of discussions, interviewing the end-users and clients for charting out the expected services from the software system being developed.

People from the software vendor who perform the problem analysis are often referred to as the requirement analysis or the counselor or the consultant for their different roles which are being played. Software development staff not only collect and organize information about clients’ organizations and their processes but also act as consultants for the clients and end-users in order to identify their actual needs.

Requirement specifications

The requirement specifications activity will generate the SRS that is software requirement specifications for the final document which is based on the problem which is being analyzed in the first activity. Requirement specifications will be prepared and finalized on basis of the contract and bond which is signed between the system developer and the client. Requirement specifications will be precise descriptions of the software system’s intended functionality which is the possible constraint. 

Requirement validation

This phase will be a critical process of checking the requirement for the validation. Principal techniques will be used for the requirement validation which includes requirement review and also the prototyping.

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