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Software Testing vs. Software Development

This article explains the differences between Software Testing and Software Development. But before we delve into the comparison, let us first understand what each of the terms signifies. 

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a procedure for determining the accuracy, completeness, and quality of the software product that the Software developers have developed. It includes a series of actions to identify and report software flaws to the Software Developers.

While software testing, software testers determine if the actual results of the product match expected results and ensure that a software system is free of defects. They work on controlled settings to ensure that the product operates as expected and validates the user’s desired features.

There is a lot to learn in Software Testing. Apart from hands-on real-time experiences, Software QA training courses can help you ramp up on the Software testing techniques. If these are software test online training courses, it is even more convenient. 

What is Software Development?

Software development refers to computer programming to build a software product. It includes the process of writing, deploying, and maintaining source code.

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While developing a software product, a Software Developer ensures to build the product as per the product specifications. They work closely with the clients and business analysts to understand their needs, assist in developing products, guarantee usability, and provide thorough quality assurance.

Software Testing vs. Software Development

The comparison will be done based on different criteria. 

Main tasks and responsibilities 

 During software development, the main tasks involved are –

  •  Building software – coding
  •  Maintaining software
  • Deploying software.

During software testing, the main tasks involved are listed below. Good Software QA training courses train budding software testers to teach them how Software testers can effectively perform these tasks –

  •  Finding flaws/defects in the software and reporting them to the software development team.
  •  Comparing the product requirements and the actual product features.
  •  Assessing the quality of the product so that the software development team can roll it out for use by the end-users.

A Career in Software Development and Software Testing

Software Development

A software developer develops software. They are also called software programmers. Once they gain experience, they can take up roles such as –

  • Software designer
  •  Software architect
  •  Software development lead/ manager
  •  Software Development solution manager, and more.

Software Testing

A software Tester or Software Test specialist tests the software. As a beginner in the Software testing field, when you enroll in any of the Software QA training courses, ensure that both QA training and placement are provided to you.

 Following is some of the roles that they can pursue –

  •  Manual tester/ Automation Tester
  •  Test Automation developer
  •  Test Lead/Test manager
  •  Test Designer
  •  Test Automation developer, and more

Time of involvement in the SDLC

Only once the software’s unit, function, or system is developed by the software developer is it handed over to the Software testing team.

For example, let us say that the software developers have developed the login page. Software testing here involves finding defects in the login page. As a preliminary test, the software testers check if the login screen functions correctly as per the right/wrong credentials provided.

Main Skills

Software development requires awareness of programming languages such as Java, VB, PHP, Python, etc. By programming, they develop the software product.

Manual software testing doesn’t involve any programming. However, Automation testing requires programming. The developed automation test code automatically tests the product.

Common skills – Software Development and Software Testing

In either case, having a basic understanding of Databases, SQL, OS commands, etc., will help.

For performing Software testing or Software development, both require the following skills in common –

  • Analytical skills – During software development, a software developer will need to analyze the software system at different levels, such as units, functions, and an integrated approach.  Similarly, software testing will involve breaking complex systems into units and functions.
  • Communication skills – For efficient software testing and software development, one should have excellent communication skills to build a robust product. In either case, it requires working with clients, stakeholders. To ask the right questions, negotiate effectively, discuss efficiently, etc., is essential—both through spoken and written communication.
  • Apart from these, Time management, a great attitude, and passion for your work are imperative to success.

Tools used for Software Testing and Software Development

Software Development

 Software development ideally requires IDEs to store, integrate the code for software development. IDEs are Integrated Development Environment. The tool comprises the code development platform, debugger, compiler, etc. It allows for code analysis, refactoring code, etc., to improve software development—for example, IntelliJ IDEA, Android studio, Eclipse, etc.

The software developed is stored in repositories that offer version control and collaboration—for example, GitHub. In the case of DevOps teams, Developers use CICD (continuous integration/continuous delivery). The developers use pipelines to streamline and standardize development processes—examples, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.

Software Testing

Testing would involve using Test Management tools to store and maintain test cases. Also, testers use tools such as JIRA as a defect management tool to log and track defects.

As per the type of testing, several tools are available. For example,

  •  Apache JMeter and LoadRunner for performance testing,
  •  Appium, Calaba. sh for mobile device testing,
  •  SonarQube and ZAP specializes in security testing
  •  IBM RFT, HP UFT, TestProject, as End-to-end automation development tools.


While learning and enhancing software testing or software development skills, several certification boards help improve the knowledge.

Software testing  

Following is some of the popular certifications to pursue to learn software testing –

  •  Certified Software Tester (CSTE)
  •  Certified Software Manager (CSTM)
  •  ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL)
  •  ISTQB Agile Tester, Advanced Level Test Analyst certification


Software Development

 As per the language software development performed, there are certifications available. For example, here are some basic level certifications –

  •  OCAJP – Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer 
  •  Python – PCEP, which is Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer
  •  CJSD- JavaScript Developer certificate

 And more.


Both Software testing and Software development involve hard work, challenges, and passion. A successful career involving software testing or software development requires continuous learning. As a Software Developer or a Software tester, both play an essential role in the SDLC cycle. Together they work in synchrony to deliver a high-quality product to the customer.

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