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6 Software Trends that every Software Tester should know

Software testing techniques and procedures have changed a lot during the decade. Quiet inspired by the manufacturing process, software testing took the waterfall approach to test the quality which involved sequential check and case tests mainly when the products are at user acceptance phase. Now that the software projects are getting complex, frequently changing requirements, quick release of software have led to the increased use of iterative or incremental SDLC models like agile scrum, RUP etc. There are cross functional roles, rapid reorganisation and release of software in modules. 

There are many changes in software testing in past few years, which looks forward for future changes as well. The latest trends of software testing are:

1. Shift from QA to Quality Engineering

The world is transforming quickly and adapting new technologies. Quality Assurance follows a systematic waterfall approach for testing which is a step by step process making it thorough but lengthy at one time. QA is struggling to keep up with the changing dynamics in the testing field. QA sometimes performs the mistakes to complete the  flow of processes. The previous process needs to be completely done for the next to begin and beings a manual tester one only look after this in detail. But with QA the amount of data and processes can easily pile up. Thats why we adopt the iterative and incremental techniques of software development. 

2. IOT

IOT means Internet of Things which is a growing fastest technology in today’s world and IoT is challenge for Test Automation. A complete web of things is inter-connected with one another through the web. The hardware is manipulated by the dedicated software which connects them to the internet and from there it connects them to the other things. A great as it may sound there are number of vulnerabilities in the system.The products which are the connected should be tested for functionality,quality and most significant security.

3. Digital Transformation with Agile-

Agile methodology is in use since past 17 years. This methodology supports  and promotes working with varied small teams in collaboration. While doing these tasks and taking a smaller amount of processes and make a quick and continuous delivery. Modern practices based on the agile manifesto can be really helpful with user experience work like planning, execution and evaluation.

4. DevOps

DevOps is a word for particular set of rules or principles to reduce the amount of time from development to operations. Devops is not particularly a new concept in business, it is emergence in the technical field. It has gained a large amount of support  from the business organisation.

5. Time for big data testing

We are surviving in a golden age of technology where the clients and users on various platforms upload terabytes of data and managing that much amount of data, it needs a singular approach for testing. Big data testing is a procedure which helps business to test such large amounts of data. The main aim to test the data for the quality to start with. Big data is really a tremendous amount of datasets which can’t be processed by traditional computing techniques.

6. Bigger market share for mobile users and Test Automation

Mobile is now one of the most important parts of an individual’s life. Now a days there is an app for every activity. The number of devices, OS platforms and software run on a single app. The types of devices and software updates coming every day make  it even harder to keep pace with it. Hence cost and market readiness are really important in future.

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