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Swift Programming 

The swift programming is known as general purpose language that was developed by Chris Lattener and later announced by the Apple in 2014 at the annual conference. It was still young it will be relatively young where it was through the minor and major updates with many versions swift 4.0 .

This is a high level programming language for the Apple products which will run on macOS, ios that watch OS,tvOS and also other platforms like the linux and IBM’s z/OS. The language will be safe, fast and interactive that makes this popular among the novice and advanced developers. Swift will be designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa frameworks and was based on the Objective C and also C++ to run in the same programs with the swift.

Why the swift programming language used for?

Swift programming language can be used to write the software for application on mobile devices, desktops, servers, and anything which runs on the code. It is commonly used by the programmers which particularly develops apps for Apple products.

Swift will be relatively new language so it takes advantage of modern technology and its capabilities. It will be developed using the best concepts from the variety of different programming languages like Objective C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby and Python.

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what does swift look like

What is the importance of swift programming why we should learn swift?

If we want to develop ios apps that we should know the swift programming languages, plain and simple. Swift will be an open source language which means anyone can welcome to learn it. It will be the static language with the main advantages and also brings the speed and security. The language will be less tedious than others as the syntax will be generally cleaner, omitting the bells and also whistles. Swift  will be growing development community and also a wide variety of resources behind  it that will make it less daunting for new  programmers.

Here the swift has easy scales. It‘s simple to maintain as the code will be written in the earlier versions of swift that can be updated very quickly.

Iphone App using swift syntax:

The syntax means here the layout of programming language. For example the syntax of an email would refer to the placement of the “.”or “@” symbols. If they will not be in the proper order and also it will not work similar to the programming languages and coding.

Open XCode and also create a new XCode project from the options  listed. Next  click on the “ios” tab and also choose the single view App and hit “Next”.

Xcode single view app

Provide the name of the product “hello world” than from the language dropdown menu select “Swift“. Click next on the center pane scroll down we have deployment info section from devices dropdown select “iphone” and also make sure portrait will be checked for any device orientation.

Select main storyboard from the file create user interface for the app click view controller scene to expand and also open objects library by clicking the option from the left top button from the objects button select label, resize, button onto the view. Write the code to tell the app what to do it in the Assistant editor button on the top left.

Assistant editor in Xcode

Form the connection between the many objects and its code to do right click on the name label and also drag it below the UViewController and click the connect button.

IB Object label Swift

To create action type self.label.text = “Hello World!?” ”. and click Run and the response should come.

Swift Xcode tutorial for app

Advantages of Swift


This is designed to be safer than C based languages; swift will eliminates the whole classes of unsafe code as a preventative measure and allows the cleaner code with fewer runtime crashes.

2. Speed

App claims that search algorithms complete 2.6 times faster than Objective C and upto to 8.4 times than faster than python.


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