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Test Harness

Test harness is group of stubs, drivers and backup tools which is required to automate test execution. Test harness always executes tests by using a test library and generates test reports. Test harness contains all the information needs to compile and run a test cases, target deployment port (TDP), source file.

Test Harness

Why we have to use Harness?

  • It Automates the testing process
  • To execute test suites of test cases
  • It generates associated test reports
  • supports debugging
  • To record test results for each and every test
  • Provides the developers to measure code coverage at a code level
  • It increases the productivity of the system through the automation
  • It enhances the quality of a software components and application
  • Handles the complex condition that testers are finding difficult to stimulate.

We have two contexts where Test Harness is used:

  1. Automation testing: It consists of the test scripts, parameters required to run these scripts and has results to analyse it.
  2. Integration testing: It is always used to put together two units of code or module that interact with each other to check whether or not the combined behaviour is expected or not.

We have two Tests harness Tools

  1. Junit- This is known to be an open source unit testing framework for JAVA Developers to write and execute repeatable tests. It is a module of XUnit architecture. As the name suggests it is used for unit testing as a chunk of code. As developers who are following test-driven methodology must write and execute unit test before any code. Once done with code, execute all tests and it will pass.
  2. Nunit- It is as unit testing framework for all .Net languages. Initially it is ported from Junit, its recent location release, version 3 it has completely rewritten with new features and support for wide range of .Net platforms.

Test harness Benefits are

  • It has increased productivity as automation in place.
  • This is progressive quality of software as automation helps us to be efficient.
  • It provides tests which can be scheduled.
  • Which can handle complex conditions that testers who are finding it difficult to stimulate.

Test harness used in Test automation:

In automation testing, test harness refers to framework and the software systems which contains the test scripts, parameters necessary to run these scripts, gather results which will compare them and monitor results.

For example

If a project that uses HP quick test professional for functional testing, HP ALM is linked to organise and manage all the scripts,runs and results and data is picked from MS-Access DB. The test harness for the following  project is

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The QTP software itself.

The scripts are therefore physical location where they’re stored.

The test sets  .

MS –Access DB to supply parameters, data or the different condition that are to be supplied to the test scripts.


There are test results and also comparative observing attributes.

Test Harness in automation

In above we can see software systems, data conditions, results all will become an integral part of the test harness.

Advantages of Test harnesss

The test harness advantages are

1. The testing procedure will be automated, productivity is increased.

2. There is increased chance of regression testing.

3. The quality of software units and application will be increased.

4. Replication of consequent test run.

5. Here the offline testing can be done.

6. We have all the access to situations and use cases that are tough to operate.

There are many differences between test harness and test framework

Test harness

It is specific. This consists of collection of dummy programs that are written in java or .net to develop relations with the applications under test. This consists of all the essential information needed to arrange and implement test cases, stubs and also source codes.

The test framework

This test framework is called as generic. It has processes, logical concepts and environments permitting testers to design and execute tests. It consists of test libraries, automated testing tools and testing platforms.


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