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The Structure of Mind Mapping and Why It Is Relevant in Business Analysis

Mind mapping is a major business analysis technique that involves the visual representation of thoughts, ideas, and problems associated with a business to give a clear understanding of what needs to be done. It is one of the most effective fundamentals of a business analysis training course because it is an important aspect of any business analysis training these days. 

We will look into the structure of mind mapping and its relevance in business analysis.  

The Structure of Mind Mapping 

The structure of mind mapping shows how mind maps are created and executed. It involves; 

  • The Central Idea 

This part of a mind map structure is the first factor to be identified. A mind map can not exist without the central idea because it points users to the main problem or project being discussed. Take for instance, “an ISP company facing internet bandwidth challenges”. At this point, end-users will be frustrated with a slow internet connection. So, the central idea when creating their mind map plan will be the problem that is “Internet Bandwidth Challenges”. 

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  • Factors That Impact the Central Idea 

Once the central idea has been established, factors that impact the problem or requirements have to be identified. These factors can be new ideas that are generated through brainstorming of the main areas that impact the problem. To generate these new ideas, the knowledge from business analysis training on how to analyze business problems comes into play. They include; process, service, strategy, information, application, and technology. This will help organize your thinking and the structure will keep expanding with the addition of new ideas and resources. 

  • Exploring the Areas of Impact

Another aspect of mind mapping structure is the part where each area of impact is explored. This involves brainstorming new ideas around each of the factors that impact the central idea. As a new idea is identified, you have to write them down as an extension of contributing factors around the main problem or project. This encourages creative thinking that helps in finding a solution to business problems and challenges. One of the fundamentals of business analysis training courses is learning how to conduct Mind Mapping Sessions useful in business analysis.

There is a collection of free software that can be used as tools for creating mind maps. These collections of the software include Freemind, Xmind, Mindmap, Lucidchart, and Canva, etc.

The Relevance of Mind Mapping in Business Analysis

Mind mapping is highly relevant when it comes to business analysis practice. Every professional with business analysis certification should be able to conduct basic mind-mapping sessions. This business analysis technique is used as a visual reminder of the idea behind a problem or project to give an overview through the use of images, markers, colors, and labels, etc. 

Throwback to when we were in elementary school; teachers use shapes, colors, diagrams, and pictures to teach us daily. This is because children at that age get to assimilate faster and recall whatever they’ve been taught if they can picture it. This is the idea behind the creation of mind maps; it helps business professionals to easily evaluate the knowledge areas around business problems and projects. It is also useful in organizing ideas and interpreting them. 

Here are ways in which mind mapping is relevant in business analysis; 

  1. It helps in Solving Business Challenges 

This business analysis technique is designed for problem-solving. So, it is highly relevant when business owners and organizations hit a brick wall. The good thing about this business analysis technique is the fact it has no rules that guide how it should be done. So, any individual with a basic knowledge of business analysis training will know how to create a central idea based on the business challenges and start building possible solutions that come to mind around it. 

  1. Mind Mapping is Relevant in Conducting Business Workshops 

Mind mapping is an effective thinking tool. Hence, it is very relevant when setting up business workshops for business owners across different fields. This is a popular trend in the business analysis field because it helps in planning, collaborating, organizing ideas, and solving problems. 

  1. Mind Mapping is Relevant in Improving Business Analysts Efficiency 

Business analysts can work efficiently if they adopt the use of the mind mapping technique. The business environment is now fast-paced and every BA professional needs to match that pace. Aside from enrolling in business analysis training and acquiring business analysis certification, they need to adopt the use of top business analysis techniques that will make their job easier. Hence, adopting mind mapping will boost their creative thinking and improve their efficiency. 

  1. Mind Mapping is Relevant in Evaluating and Investigating Information

In business analysis, data and information are obtained from clients, stakeholders, and project documentation. It is important to scrutinize and investigate every information gathered from these areas so they can be used to good effect. So, adopting a mind mapping technique will help simplify this process in a structured manner to obtain a thought-out representation of the info. 

  1. Mind Mapping is Relevant in Documenting Business Analysis Procedures

Mind maps can be used to document every procedure carried out in the business analysis. Mind maps are well structured in such a way that the tiniest detail is documented when solving a business problem or executing a business project. Every connection to the main idea behind a business analysis procedure is noted and documented for reference purposes. This involves the use of keywords, colors, and images. It is such a powerful tool used in business analysis. 

  1. Mind Mapping is Relevant in Preparing and Delivering BA Presentations

To wrap it up; mind mapping is a business analysis technique that offers endless benefits. BA professionals use it in preparing and delivering business analysis presentations at seminars, interviews, meetings, or business lectures. This is because it acts as a good communication tool for a better understanding of business projects and problems to be addressed.   


Understanding the structure of mind mapping will help BA professionals carry out business solutions for projects in the best possible ways. So, if you’re an individual who is interested in employing mind mapping techniques for business solutions; we recommend enrolling in the fundamentals of business analysis training course so that you can acquire business analysis training and the business analysis certification that will help you succeed in the field.

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