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Tips on how to pass the Agile PSM exam

The most well-known and extensively used project management methodologies are agile PSM and scrum , which are utilized by numerous international corporations. A variety of certificates are available to help you become more skilled in these methods. One of these certifications that can advance your career is a professional scrum master. The advantage of earning this certification is that you will be able to assist your coworkers in doing better as a result of your increased understanding of the various Scrum concepts and methods. Here are the tips on how to pass the Agile PSM examination in flying colors.

1.Read and understand the Scrum Guide.

All of the roles, artifacts, events, and rules that are part of the Scrum technique are covered in this guide. The concepts that you must understand in order to work in Scrum are mentioned in this. A streamlined version of the complete framework is the Scrum Guide. It comprises a framework that aids in the creation and maintenance of sophisticated items on the market. To score well on the test, you must fully comprehend each concept described in the study guide. You must correctly answer 68 out of the 80 questions in the exam (85%) in order to pass and receive your certification. The tutorial is 16 pages long, but you won’t need much time to fully comprehend everything. The Scrum Guide is written by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. 

2.Be an active member of the Scrum forum.

You must be aware that millions of people all over the world are either taking the PCM certification exam or have previously passed it. These individuals will participate in the Scrum Forum. These people can help you as well as help you develop your skills. As long as your question is sincere, forum users will undoubtedly assist you. Nearly 1200 Scrum issues are now being discussed on the forum, and there have been over 6000 responses. 

Tips on how to pass the Agile PSM exam

This shows that the forum is busy and that users are asking questions and getting answers. There’s a chance that the forum has already covered your question and received several responses. This guarantees that you receive the ideal fix for the issue. Participate in the forum discussions to learn more about the subjects and to find new advice.

3.Practice Scrum Open Assessments

Challenging yourself at each step is the only way to progress. Using Scrum open evaluations is the ideal strategy for achieving this. Both Scrum Developer and Scrum Master can use them. There is a potential that you may panic and not be able to perform well on the certification exam if you attempt it directly. Avoid this by writing assessment exams on a regular basis and finishing them on time to simulate an exam.

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 You will be given a set of 40 questions to answer in the Scrum Open Assessments. These inquiries will be comparable to those found on the certification test. Take these tests again and again until you begin to achieve 95% on each try. By doing this, you may be confident that when the test’s actual questions are asked, you’ll remain cool and collected.

Tips on how to pass the Agile PSM exam

4.Enroll in a training program.

You occasionally need the appropriate direction to push yourself toward your objective. The online Agile PSM training certification courses are beneficial to candidates in helping them effectively prepare for the certification exam. Different PCM classes are offered in the market. Based on their reputation and the percentage of pupils who succeed, choose the best candidate. 

A certified Agile PSM training institute will follow a systematic approach to training the candidates in all the necessary concepts to write the examination. 

When taking the examination, it is important to also take note of the following tips.

  • Being focused on the exam while preparing is just as crucial as studying. Here, the question of how to accomplish this emerges. It is up to you. How can you stay focused? Take the exam at a time that is comfortable for you, moving to a quiet location, and avoiding the morning shift if you are not an early riser.
  • Be cautious when using words because occasionally you can misunderstand some of them and get even the most basic inquiries wrong. Always give the question a thorough, word-by-word read. Be sure to read each response before selecting the one you want.
Tips on how to pass the Agile PSM exam
  • Even if you are unsure about the right response, give the answer to every question. Simply mark these questions as requiring further thought and return them at the conclusion.
  • Be cautious when answering multiple-choice questions since sometimes people only pay attention to one option and choose that one. Learn to pay attention to the fact that all multiple-choice questions employ check-boxes rather than radio buttons as a double-check. At the end of the exam, it’s a good idea to look through all the questions and just check to see if you selected multiple answers when you needed to.
  • When the exam is over and you have some free time, go through your answers.


Given that the certification exam is an online test, you must have a reliable internet connection. Review the Agile dictionary as well for fast definitions of important topics (take attention to Scrum terms). Don’t Google the questions once you’ve received them. You will waste a ton of time looking for it, and Google’s suggested answers won’t be right either. In the end, the exam will test your knowledge of Agile, and you must succeed in order to receive the certificate.

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