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Tips to improve your Automation Testing skills

Automation testing is an interesting field with lots of individuals delving into it. Regardless of the number of testers, you can still become a favorite and get your way into any company of your choice easily. How? By becoming a better and expert tester. 

Eager to learn how? Read this article to find out how to become a better automation tester. 

1. Incorporate testing into your being

The best way to become an expert tester is by living like one. Anywhere you go, try to think about the processes of testing everything you come by. This way, you get to control your thoughts and position them in a way that will keep all your testing knowledge fresh in your mind. It will also help you understand the processes better especially if you’re a beginner. 

2. Keep Learning

Regardless of your level, either as a beginner, intermediate, or expert, you need to keep learning. As the old saying goes, learning never ends, so keep learning. Technology is evolving every day and new things are being developed. If you want to become very relevant now and in years to come, then pick up a new topic to learn in automation testing. When it gets somewhat difficult, search for automation online classes to keep you in pace. Likewise, for the tools, enroll in Selenium classes amongst others to get the updates. 

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3. Diversify your interests

As you’re learning about your specific area, you need to also understand what goes on with the others. Sometimes, a role may call for you to have a basic understanding of other areas which will be difficult to learn on the spot. But while going through your automation online classes, try to know more about the basic details. Also, sharpen your programming skills enough to allow you to write test scripts perfectly. 

4. Get resources online

In addition, you need to get resources online for your learning. These can be in form of games, puzzles, and other interesting stuff to keep you in line with your profession. Luckily, there are tons of them available either visual or non-visual. Select the best that works for you and get right into them. 

5. Watch videos and read books

A good way to keep the learning pace up is by watching videos and reading relevant books. While you can select a video-oriented class for your learning, other online sources like Youtube are a great place to check out. Here, you can get lots of free videos on automation testing and similar fields.

On the other hand, you need to get books to read. Some of the early experts have become authors of books sharing their knowledge in written form for potential readers. Reading these books will help you learn how to solve similar challenges you’re facing now using the experts’ tips. 

Try it because it really works. 

6. Sharpen your soft skills 

A lot of people focus on the educational aspect, thereby neglecting soft skills. Well, let’s burst your bubble, soft skills are equally important and a lack in one could limit your chances of growing in the field. So, pay attention to the relevant skills you need. 

First, you have to be properly groomed to manage time. As an automation tester, there are times deadlines will be quite close with no headway in sight. It can be overwhelming dealing with this condition, but with your time management skills, the problem is half solved. 

Next, you need to be a good leader. Sooner than later, you’ll become a boss in the department and would have to monitor some colleagues either junior or senior during project execution. The only way to succeed here is by showcasing top-notch leadership skills. 

Also, you have to be a good communicator. How do you expect to lead or present to potential clients without effective communication? No way. So, the best way is to develop your communication skills. You can develop these skills when you enroll in a reputable Selenium certification training.

7. Rest

After all, being said taken into practice, you need to take breaks in-between. Sometimes when it gets confusing, take some time off to figure things out better. A good nap, day off, or even long leaves will help you reboot to serve better. 


Are you willing to become a better automation tester now? Then get right into practicing all these tips and you’ll be surprised at the level of growth by your next assessment period. Practice, learning, and rest are the most important of all. Keep these in mind so you can practice them daily. If you desire consistency, enrolling in online Selenium training is one of the ways you can get it.

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