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Tools every Java programmer must know

For every course, some tools help simplify the process for the experts. For Java programmers, some essential and relevant tools are used in their daily activities which also helps boost their certifications and skills. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the tools you need to get familiar with as a Java programmer. 

Here you go. 

  1. Docker

Here’s one Java tool you as a programmer must know. Docker is specifically useful for programmers working on web projects easily in deploying and developing cloud applications. So, if you’re planning to delve into this aspect of programming, taking up a Docker course will help you get started. 

Moving on, Docker is an app designed to help programmers manage the containers of an app without stress either as a single or combined unit. There are tons of courses on using the Docker app to guide you either as a beginner, intermediate or advanced user. 

  1. Selenium

Selenium is another tool for Java developers to use in 2022. Although quite common for test automation, it is one tool used by Java programmers as well. It is a tool that helps test web pages and applications to ensure they fit for end-use. 

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Using Selenium is quite easy because it has an in-built tool to automatically create test scripts without writing from scratch. So, as a programmer, you need not worry about rewriting test scripts for each testing project using Selenium. While you can get the basic knowledge through a Java online class, you can as well enroll in a Selenium course.

  1. Maven

Here’s one of the not-so-common tools you need as a Java programmer. Maven is one essential tool that helps programmers create, manage and analyze Java projects. Asides from this, Maven helps manage dependencies and allows you to run unit tests for each project. Interestingly, Maven is simple to learn with tons of courses available online. Remember it all begins with the Java programming courses

  1. JIRA

Noticing bugs after the development of a software or website is something most programmers detest especially when there is a strict deadline to meet. But with JIRA, you have the opportunity to develop your websites and even track the noticeable bugs that can hinder the efficient performance of the app. Due to its importance, it has become one of the most adopted tools for Java programmers in companies around the world. 

In addition, whenever you get to work with an Agile team, using the JIRA tool is non-negotiable because its designs support the Agile methodologies and make it possible to collaborate as a team. As a beginner in a Java programming course, adding the knowledge of the JIRA tool will make your certification weightier and you’ll become a top choice among your colleagues. 

  1. Jenkins

As a Java programmer that wants to specialize in the use of DevOps, Jenkins is a top tool for you. You need this because it is designed to allow continuous integration of activities including building, testing, and deploying development projects. 

It can even be scheduled to automatically carry out these activities at intervals without human intervention. Two advantages of this are the opportunity to focus on other things as the integration process continues and a faster route to completing building and testing processes. Learning Jenkins as a beginner or an advanced programmer is something you’ll enjoy sooner than later.

  1. Gradle

Gradle is a tool that acts similar to Jenkins and Marvens. It allows Java programmers in creating and deploying test projects for applications. In building dependencies, Gradle uses the Groovy language to do this, so you should consider getting a good knowledge of the language before using the tool. 

If you want to get a good understanding of this tool, consider enrolling a related course online. Ensure you research well about the content before taking it up to get a good value for your one and money. 

  1. Splunk

Splunk is gradually becoming a top choice for many companies used to writing better-advanced programming codes in different languages. More so, these companies are using the tool to monitor, evaluate and find relevant data. 


By now, you should have a vast knowledge of the Java tools to adopt in 2022. While they are quite a lot to learn completely, ensure you stick to the ones relevant to your career path. This will help you advance quickly as you continue practicing.

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