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 Tools for Access Rights Manager

This access management is referred as identity and access management which is umbrella term for the processes involved in certifying our team members who have a proper access to IT resources. Access rights management is having a critical importance to the security,efficiency and regulatory compliance of our organisation which will be employing the robust and dependable access review tools will be crucial.

There are many Access rights manager tools



SolarWinds is a popular name among network administrators. This company will have a reputation for creating some of the best network monitoring and management tools in the market. Solarwinds will stand out from the competitors because it somehow manages to achieve both the optimal quantity and the optimal quality in these products. Solarwinds tools offer a range of functionalities,without compromising on the sophistication of their technology.

Solar winds offer some extremely generous tools including a free subnet calculator and TFTP server and also tool to analyse permissions in Active Directory.

Here Access Rights manager(ARM) is not an exception to the solar winds reputation. Software provides an effortless solution through the lens of a highly intuitive user interface and also it cannot beat the enterprise solution. It is available for the windows Server environment but will be access AD directories for a range of services, including NTFS and Microsoft Exchange server.

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2.Paessler PRTG Network Monitor-


PRTG by Paessler is a popular network monitoring product with a massive following. This tool is what we make of it with the capacity to be comprehensive and serve as a full network monitoring solution.

There are enormous thousands of sensors which are available covering anything we could imagine and with the unlimited version of PRTG we can access all of them.

The sensor –based system comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It allows thus to create a solution exactly suited to the specific purposes with all the functionalities, in theory we need.

3.Netwrix Auditor-

Netwrix Auditor

Here one of the main functions of user access management software is to afford us to complete visibility into everything happening in your Active directory and group policy. Netwrix Auditor having excelled in this area by delivering maximum security intelligence and allow us to audit any changes and also logins to reduce the risk of any privilege abuse occurring.

4.ManageEngine ADManager Plus:


The ManageEngine AD Manager plus solution unifies office 365, Active Directory and exchange management and reporting.It also offers a broader approach to Active Directory management than many other access review tools covering the AD object with instant capability.

5. N-able Passportal:

Passportal will be a cloud based password manager that extends to a full access rights manager. The tool is able control access rights for an organisation over multiple sites and can also be include remote services,like AWS and Azure cloud servers.

Key features

1. Password locker

2. Confidential credentials distribution

3. AD, LDAP, office 365 and Azure

We recommend as N-able passportal will be a password vault system that updates Active directory and other LDAP systems such as active directory. The system operates in such a way that technician never gets to see the access credentials. This is good security measure to prevent inappropriate access or the security risks that arrive when an employee leaves the company.

The passportal systems starts its service life for a client by searching for existing access rights manager and also extracting out all the permissions that they contain. Once this data has been drawn Passportal, the system administrator that can start setting  access rights and also passwords through the Passportal interface and doesnot need the sync those  to the local controllers.

N-able Passportal is a package that is designed for use by MSPs. It provides confidential credentials distribution to the system of their clients. This system also includes a secure storage space  for important documents.


1. What is Access rights for manager?

2. Explain any two tools of Access rights for manager?

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