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Top 10 Highest Paying Salesforce Jobs in 2021

In today’s tech-driven world, one of the most in-demand job skills is the salesforce developer skill set. A salesforce developer is a coding expert that oversees coding tasks associated with Salesforce projects. As the need for cloud-based software increases, the demand for Salesforce professionals with salesforce online training knowledge and salesforce developer certification will also increase. Salesforce offers a wide range of career paths that professionals in the field can benefit from. So, it is a highly lucrative field that people can explore for career growth.  

It is projected that the Salesforce ecosystem will employ over 4.5 million people over the next few years, so the demand for a salesforce skill set will hit an all-time high. There are several Salesforce jobs that pay attractive salaries, making them highly lucrative. Due to this factor, more people are starting to pursue careers in the Salesforce sector. If you ever decide to follow this career path, it will be nice to check out some of the highest-paying Salesforce jobs in 2021. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the highest-paying salesforce jobs in 2021. 

  1. Salesforce DevOps Engineer [$175,000 – $177,000]

The “Salesforce DevOps Engineer” job is the highest-ranked paying job within the Salesforce ecosystem. The role of a Salesforce DevOps Engineer involves building DevOps applications that will accelerate development timelines while ensuring that system bugs are reduced. The need for a well-optimized development lifecycle and an error-free system is important as it will help improve value delivery rates for growing project teams in organizations. Getting a job in this field requires more than the knowledge acquired from salesforce training for beginners, you must have 3+ years of experience working in software development and IT operations. 

  1. Salesforce Technical Architect [$168,000 – $170,000] 

The “Salesforce Technical Architect” job is up there as one of the highest-paying salesforce jobs in the world. The role of a technical architect involves working on large-scale implementations of system architecture projects. A certified Salesforce technical architect personnel with an in-depth knowledge of salesforce online training is required to design and manage optimal CRM system integrations by using coding for declarative solutions including scalability of technical solutions. Technical Architects can work with BI Tools, AWS, and CTI Systems. 

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  1. Salesforce Technical Consultant [$166,000 – $167,000]

Another high-paying Salesforce job is the “Salesforce Technical Consultant” role. This involves the use of high-end technical knowledge to execute complex functional and developmental Salesforce projects. Experts in this field deliver valuable solutions by providing support and recommendations to clients with their robust technical configuration skills. A CIS Bachelor’s Degree and an advanced salesforce developer certification are needed to get this job at salesforce consultancies.  

  1. Salesforce Development Manager [$158,000 – $159,000]

One of the best-paid jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem is the “Salesforce Development Manager” job. Development Manager experts use their understanding of products and business needs to design development backlog with the aim of implementing the best developmental practices. They lead salesforce operations and development teams to achieve project milestones. 

  1. Salesforce Solution Architect [$155,000 – $156,000]

A “Salesforce Solution Architect” expert is responsible for providing architectural solutions for complex Salesforce projects. This skill set is highly lucrative because they offer more solutions than a regular Salesforce Functional Consultant. Experience in the design and implementation of architectural innovations of Salesforce projects will help you bag a job in this field. 

  1. Salesforce Program Manager [$149,000 – $150,000]

A “Salesforce Program Manager” offers a unique role in the Salesforce ecosystem. They are quite similar to project managers in the way they operate. Salesforce Program Managers design and manage every program aspect of salesforce projects. They ensure the successful rolling out of salesforce products using their business strategy skillset. They are one of the highest-paid salesforce professionals in the world today. 

  1. Salesforce Functional Consultant [$144,000 – $145,000]

The role of a “Salesforce Functional Consultant” involves gathering requirements and creating solutions for projects through training, and expert planning for custom implementations. Their understanding of business needs is used in defining optimal requirements and solutions for salesforce projects. They can easily use their knowledge of salesforce online training to bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions. 

  1. Salesforce Developer [$143,000 – $144,000]

The “Salesforce Developer” job is one of the most common roles in the Salesforce ecosystem. Just like software developers, they are involved in executing complex salesforce requirements. It is very important to enroll in salesforce developer certification if you aspire to work and earn money as a salesforce developer. Salesforce developers code in Apex, JavaScript, and VisualForce for integration. 

  1. Salesforce Pre-Sales Consultant [$142,000 – $144,000]

The job of “Salesforce Pre-Sales Consultant” involves the selling of salesforce products and services. They work hand in hand with sales experts to promote salesforce products for commercial gain. They also use their skilled expertise to find salesforce business prospects and basic technical requirements. They present a salesforce demo at salesforce consultancies. 

  1.  Salesforce Cloud Engineer [$117,000 – $120,000]

The final salesforce job on our list of highest paying salesforce jobs in 2021 is the “Salesforce Cloud Engineer” job. This job involves designing and implementing Salesforce solutions using Community Cloud Functionality. They are able to distinguish between key components that contribute to performance optimization within a project design. People with basic knowledge of salesforce online training can build salesforce solutions but they will require acquiring additional skills and certifications to be able to work as a Salesforce Cloud Engineer. 


We have listed and discussed the top 10 highest-paying salesforce jobs in 2021. You can start a career in any of these Salesforce jobs roles if you have basic problem-solving skills and Salesforce solutions delivery including salesforce developer certification

Acquiring salesforce developer certification will increase your chances of earning a higher salary as a salesforce professional. Hence, it is necessary to enroll in salesforce online training to learn about salesforce practice. There are several salesforce certifications courses available online, so check them out and take any of the courses to improve your career and chances of earning big.  If you are a new salesforce developer, it’ll be nice to enroll in salesforce training for beginners.

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