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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium in 2024

It is likely that if you are reading this article, you want to advance from being a Selenium manual tester to an automation tester or you want to launch a career in IT. In any case, you need to learn Selenium, and you are in the right place to do it. The reason I’m stating this is that automation testing has become very popular, and companies are in dire need of qualified experts. Take the Selenium training to learn more.

You may also be curious about if Selenium is a good place to start and how to launch a career in testing. If you have questions like these, don’t worry; there are 10 solid proofs in this article that will help you learn Selenium better in 2024.

1.Open Special Source/ Free Tool

Since Selenium is an open-source tool, anyone can use it without charge. Any company can use Selenium to test its website or web application, and Selenium WebDriver can be used by independent programmers to learn and practice automation testing.

Other testing tools have the drawback of either being licensed products or having fewer functionalities than Selenium. TestComplete, IBM’s RFT, HP’s QTP, and Ranorex are examples of proprietary (licensed) tools. There is no doubt that Selenium outperforms the others in terms of features.

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2.No Special OS/ Browser/ Hardware Demands

This is just another advantage of using selenium. A machine with a large HDD or 16GB of RAM is not necessary. It’s also not necessary for you to have a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. The operating system you use at home is suitable for Selenium testing.

The most crucial feature is that you may test the website using any browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. How simple it is to plug USB drives into your computer to transfer data can be compared to the level of simplicity required to operate with Selenium.

3.Multiple Programming Language Support

The most crucial element for any programmer wishing to enter the field of automation testing must be this. The majority of solutions available on the market require you to be an expert in just one programming language. Among the popular scripting languages needed by different tools are VBScript, Java, and C#.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium in 2024

However, you won’t have too many limitations while using selenium. You can begin your career in any of the following languages, even if you are proficient in one of them: Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, C#, or .Net.

4.Availability of Frameworks

Templates and frameworks are fairly similar. Rather than altering the code completely, you can make little adjustments to suit your needs under various circumstances. Numerous frameworks exist, such as:

  • Data-driven testing
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Hybrid testing
  • Module-driven testing & many more.

5.Strong presence in the DevOps lifecycle

Since most companies are now switching from Agile or Waterfall methodologies to DevOps approaches, Selenium is a crucial component of the DevOps lifecycle. Since DevOps emphasises open-source technologies, very few testing tools can be considered DevOps tools.

Selenium is an excellent fit for web-based testing tools, which are widely utilised because the majority of software products generated nowadays are distributed on the cloud. 

6.Easy Integration With Other Tools

Integrating Selenium with other open-source technologies is simple. Many people use the majority of open-source, highly beneficial tools used in DevOps and other fields. We can achieve automation (continuous testing in DevOps) when these technologies are linked with Selenium.

Jenkins, TestNG, Maven, JUnit, Sikuli, and AutoIT are a few of such tools. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium in 2024

7.Parallel & Distributed Testing

Parallel Selenium test cases can run on the same system or several machines. The test cases are run on remote machines using Selenium Grid. You can save time by running tests in parallel and distributed fashion, either locally on the same system or remotely on web servers.

Additionally, if setting up Selenium Grid on your systems is not something you’re interested in doing, you may use online Selenium Grids like LambdaTest, which gives you access to over 2000 browser environments so you can run your tests and actually automate cross-browser testing. 

This should be a major motivator for you to learn Selenium because, with other tools, a lack of capability or system overhead (performance) will prevent you from enjoying the benefits of parallel and distributed testing. In the business, tests must be completed promptly and effectively.

8.Not Relying On Systems With GUIs

Selenium tests can be run on web servers without the need for a graphical user interface (GUI), and scheduling their execution through integration with other tools allows for automation. Your machines’ performance will increase significantly if there is no graphical user interface. 

9.Flexibility While Designing Test Cases

With Selenium, you can choose to create test cases using a record and playback method or by using programming logic. You can utilise the IDE to record your tests and export the programming logic to an analogous programming language of your choice if you lack the technical know-how to script WebDriver code.

As is typically the case, Selenium WebDriver can be used to write your logic in programming languages. Alternatively, Selenium IDE can be used to record your tests and then export them later for usage as WebDriver tests. 

10.Increasing Demand For Selenium Testers

Not to mention, there is a large demand for Selenium testers. The need for Selenium testers is increasing in line with the steady growth in Selenium’s usage. Examine the following graphs to learn about average salaries for Selenium testers as well as market demand.


To learn more about Selenium, check out our selenium testing online course.

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