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Top Must-Have Skills for an Automation Tester in 2022

Businesses are gradually advancing in their technological use and this has led to the development of new research and jobs. For those working with software applications, there is a need to hire experts like automation testers to ensure the smooth running of the tools according to the customers’ needs. 

But before you can become an expert in the field, there’s a need to develop relevant skills with a proper understanding of the responsibilities. Wondering what these are? In this short article, you’ll get to read the top must-have skills for an automation tester in 2022. 

Test Scripts Writing

One of the most important skills for an automation tester is the ability to write new test scripts. There are tons of testing tools used today, however, many may not require the need to write new scripts because they are automatically created. For the remaining few especially the coding tools, you need to create them yourself. One can never tell the specific one to be preferred for a job, therefore, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of writing new scripts through a Selenium Free Certification Course. It makes you readily available to fit into any role.

Perfect understanding of various testing tools

To earn the title, of automation tester, you need to have taken a course on how to successfully work in this job role. A few of the common testing tools are Selenium, Appium, Katalon Studio, etc. These tools have different features and use in a project which you should be able to identify as an expert. One of the most common testing tools is Selenium and becoming a professional user of this tool starts with taking a Selenium Free Certification Course. Regardless of the testing tool, an automation tester should have the ability to identify, evaluate and work perfectly with the top automation tools. 

Ability to work with Programming Languages

The tech world is gradually advancing and there are lots of programming languages used by experts to carry out different roles. The duties of an automation tester need you to have the skill of writing and interpreting different programming languages. Some of these are Java, C++, Python, etc. Your perfect understanding of programming languages will help to test each stage of the project without hassle. 

More so, when you need to write test scripts with the coding tools, you have to understand several programming languages. Based on the preferred one, you will be able to write and conduct tests on each stage efficiently. 

Management of Test 

Another top must-have skill you need as an automation tester is the ability to manage different tasks simultaneously. When working with a large company, you may have to work on different projects with close deadlines and this skill will help you pull through. Before hiring an automation tester, hiring managers tend to ask questions on how they allocate each test to fit in a schedule without clash. A Selenium Free Certification Course will further highlight the necessary ways to develop this skill. 

Quick Bugs Identification

One of the common problems tech workers face is the creation of bugs that disrupt the flow of work. as a good automation tester, you should be able to identify a bug and resolve the issues that brought it. Without this, the testing stage won’t be complete and the product will be unapproved. Also, there may be bugs waiting somewhere in the software. It is germane for the expert to track these bugs and resolve them before the final testing is done. 

So, if you want to become a good automation tester, you should have the skill of easily identifying, tracking, and resolving bug issues.

Analytical Thinking

For any automation tester, you need to have analytical thinking skills. This is important, especially when working on testing tools to understand and interpret the product roles. Likewise, good teamwork skill is required to produce quality results. You need to work with the business team, suggest relevant changes, and together work on the creation of the software application. Without these two skills, others may become irrelevant. 


An automation tester just like any other job in the tech space needs both technical and non-technical skills. These are very important to ensure the flow of work and the right attitude towards work. testing tools such as selenium are very important to the work. there’s always an opportunity for a Selenium Training and Placement in the USA. It’s the right time to develop these skills and journey towards becoming an expert in the industry. 

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