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Top Software Quality Assurance Companies to Get Placed

At the point when some of you may think about a Software Quality Assurance Professional, you presumably aren’t envisioning the roles at the head of innovation organizations. However, truly, the Software Quality Analyst position is a considerably more challenging and satisfying job than one may expect. 

Let’s start by understanding what Software Quality Analyst and Software Testers do.

Basically, Software Quality Analyst and Software Testers help those in charge – specialists and product managers under the hood. Those in this job considerably affect the primary concern. Along these lines, a long way from being auxiliary to an organization’s cycle. 

Software Quality Assurance is the area of the innovative Venn chart where the imperative zones of software designing, product management, and client service overlap. That is one of the numerous reasons that most organizations consolidate QA training and placement to improve employees’ efficiency and productivity. 

The Quality Assurance field will – in general – advance more rapidly than others, and the roof is high. Workers who start as first-level analysts and testers can, in light of their performance, climb their way onto roles such as product manager, software developer, or administrative and managerial jobs.

All IT Courses 50% Off

Considering the career growth this field brings to the employees associated with the same, with the right skills and QA training course, starting a career path in software quality assurance can prove to be immensely beneficial. 

If you aspire to kickstart your career right away, we have carefully selected a list of leading Software Quality Assurance companies where you can find credible placement in the field of software quality assurance. 


QASource is a top software designing and quality assurance services organization giving a full set-up of quality assurance and software testing services to help you launch software that is better and quicker. 

With a group of more than 800 designing specialists situated in both seaward and nearshore areas, it has been giving software testing services to help Fortune 500 organizations and new companies since 2002. A couple of its customers incorporate Ford, Oracle, Prudential, eBay, Target, Facebook, and IBM. In the event that you are finding a new line of work at QASource, here are a portion of the departments you might need to look into: API Testing, Mobile Testing, Salesforce Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, DevOps services, and committed testing teams.


ISHIR’s Quality Assurance and Independent Testing services guarantee that applications are thoroughly analyzed utilizing test techniques with industry norms and Quality Assurance measures. ISHIR has individuals and cycles to create a test plan for customers all around the world. They observe thorough testing methodology and guidelines and work in an organized climate that fulfills the Level 3 guidelines of SEI CMM. Furthermore, this company offers a total scope of quality assurance and software testing services by augmenting the quality, execution, and accessibility of the software application while dealing with the expenses and foreseeable risks for the customers.


QA Mentor is a worldwide pioneer in the software testing and quality assurance space. Serving 382 customers from Fortune 500 to new companies in 28 nations, the company, QA Mentor, underpins applications in 9 different fields. This organization has 274 affirmed quality assurance and testing professionals in 8 unique nations offering over 30 quality assurance testing services and covering time zones all over the world. With remarkable product suggestions from a publicly-supporting stage with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced analyzers to a test management stage, special, practical, and financially-beneficial services offerings, and quality assurance information from e-learning and corporate training, QA Mentor proceeds with its development, extension, and impression around the world.


With years of involvement with software testing and quality assurance, ScienceSoft gives a scope of services to assist organizations with setting up developed Quality Assurance measures and guarantee high quality and efficiency in software. The organization has testing measures consistent with ISO 13485. 

It has finished 730+ ventures in medical care, retail, producing, public area, banking, and financial services, broadcast communications, and media enterprises. Moving forward, for the potential candidates who need to apply to this firm, these are the top departments: Managed Testing, Manual Testing, Test Automation, DevOps, and Quality Assurance Outsourcing.
While getting placement in these companies is not a cakewalk, but with the correct QA testing training for beginners and testing skills, it will turn out to be not only doable but highly rewarding.

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