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Ways Developers and QA Engineers can Work as a Team

The backbone of any software product are the developers and quality assurance engineers, but with poor management, ineffective communication, and inaction they can become nothing more than water and oil. A software app’s development is a collaborative process, and poor teamwork can result in significant time waste, aggravation, and, of course, subpar goods.

This is due to the possibility of having two distinct driving forces. A developer writes the correct code to address a specific function as per their assignment, hence their view of how their contribution fits into the overall picture for the back end user is constrained. On the other side, QA engineers concentrate on ensuring that the component offers satisfaction for the user experience as a whole.

The potential tension between the two is now clear; on the one hand, the coding is complete and “does what it should do,” yet on the other, there is a feeling that “it could be executed better.” A good online QA certification course will fully reiterate the fact that QA engineers and Developers need to work together. But here are some ways for Developers and QA engineers to work together. 

1.Start your testing early.

The QA tester won’t typically conduct any testing until the development team has completed the product’s code and construction. A good suggestion is to include them from the very beginning of development. Having the QA consider potential bugs and scenarios will make the SDLC go much more smoothly.

Early QA testing can also find any bugs before they cause a problem. If the QA team is involved from the very beginning of development, the testers and development team can coordinate what the QA will test first, which CSS and JavaScript properties the devs are using, and can offer early advice on any potential concerns.

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By starting to test the programs, QA testers may also start working in parallel, which will save a lot of time and save developers from making mistakes. Early detection and quicker bug fixes are both benefits of quality assurance testing.

2.Promote tool-sharing between the two teams.

The need to constantly acquire new tools and approaches to add to their skill set is one thing that QA testers and developers have in common. Whether they are studying on their own or in a group. Let them get acquainted with each other’s tools in this situation.

Imagine that QA Engineers and Testers are trained to use the specialized tools used by developers, while developers are taught how to use the QAs’ tools. They will both develop a thorough awareness of how the other works.

This will greatly increase production and strengthen their relationships for better collaboration between the two departments. This can facilitate QA’s quick intervention with suggestions for improvement and provide them a clearer understanding.

Ways Developers and QA Engineers can Work as a Team

3.Use and instruct developers in using automation tools.

It is impossible to deny the benefits of automation technologies, which can drastically minimize the need for regression testing and produce software more quickly than ever. Your testing team can find more crucial test case scenarios with their increased bandwidth by automating repetitive test cases to save time and effort. the Selenium Grid, for instance. Even better, if developers can use it as well, your testers can assist developers in completing unit testing more quickly.

4.Create effective communication.

In the past, QAs would often start their conversations with developers with their report logs. They then carry on talking while examining the logs. This is not only ineffective, but also slow. As quickly as the IT department’s fast-paced work flow, both QA and Developers must communicate and keep tabs on each other’s progress. Developers’ work must already be known to QA, as well as any projects that have undergone manual or automated testing. Since they are a sort of extension of the back-end consumer who will utilize the product, developers must get the QA’s view of what constitutes a “perfect” product. 

Ways Developers and QA Engineers can Work as a Team

 Put the two of them in pairs for a variety of projects, including creating Accepted Criteria (AC), designing tests, or test-programming, where they both work on project requirements, developing code, detecting problems, running tests, and many other tasks. It is crucial to avoid misunderstandings at all costs.

5.Have the right mindset.

The goal of the project is to produce the greatest and most gratifying product possible, which is why the program was created from the ground up, tested, and revised numerous times. Both sides must recognize that they ultimately depend on one another and share the same objectives. Making the consumers pleased is important, and you don’t want the managers to reduce your compensation if the product is subpar, do you?


Skilled QA engineers don’t wait for some magic process to make everything go according to plan. Instead, they take initiative to enhance collaboration with their developers, remembering above all that delivering a high-quality experience to the user is most important. Testing is a means to an end, and that end is the quality itself. You can begin your career in QA by enrolling in the online QA training.

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