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Web Mining

Web Mining is a process of data mining techniques that are automatically discover extract information from all the web documents and all services. The main purpose of web mining will be discovering useful documents useful information from the world wide web  and also its web patterns.

Applications of web mining:

Web mining is the process of discovering patterns, data structures and links in web data. It involves using data mining techniques to analyse web data and extract valuable insights. The application of web mining are wide ranging and include:

– Personalised banking:

The web mining will be used to analyse the customer behaviour on websites and social media platforms. This information can be used to create personalised marketing campaigns the target customer based on their interests and preferences.


Web mining can be used to analyse customer behaviour on the e-commerce websites. This information will be used to improve the user experiences and increase sales by recommending products based on the customer preferences.

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– Search engine optimisation:

Web mining easily used to analyse search engine queries and also search engine results pages. This information can be used to improve the visibility of websites in search engine results and also increase traffic to the website.

– Fraud detection:

Web mining will be used for the fraud detection to detect the fraudulent activity on websites. This information will be used to avoid the financial fraud, identity theft and other types of online fraud.

Sentiment analysis:

Web mining known to analyse social media data and extract sentiment from posts, comments also reviews. Information of this can be used to know customer sentiment towards products and services have ensured informed business decisions.

– Web content analysis

Web mining can be used to analyse web content and extract valuable information like keywords, topics and themes. The information used to improve the relevance of web content and optimise search engine rankings.

– Customer service:

Web mining will be used to analyse customer service interactions on websites and social media platforms. This information can be used to make improvisations in the customer service quality and identify areas for improvement.


Web mining can be used to analyse the health websites and extract valuable information about diseases, treatments and medications. This information can be used to improve the quality of healthcare and to inform the medical research.

The process of web mining is below:

Web mining is broadly classified into three different  types of techniques of mining

which are: The Web content mining, secondly Web structure mining and web usage mining

1. Web content mining- Web content mining will be an application of extracting useful information from the content of the web documents. Web content consists of several types of data- Text, image, audio, video etc. Content data group of facts that a web page will be designed. It can provide effective and also interesting patterns of the needs. Text documents will be related to the text mining,machine learning and also natural language processing. This mining is also known as text mining. This type of mining will perform scanning and mining of the text, images and groups and also web pages as per the content of the input.

2. Web structure mining- Web structure mining will be the application of discovering structure information from the web. The structure of the web graph consists of the web pages as nodes, and hyperlinks as edges connecting related pages. Structure mining shows the structure summary of a particular website. It identifies relationship between the web page linked information or may be direct connection. To know the connection between two commercial websites. Web structure mining can be very useful.

3. Web usage mining- Web usage mining is the application of identifying or discovering interesting usage pattern from large data sets. These pattern will highlight us to understand the user behaviour or something like that. Web usage mining is called as log mining.


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