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What are Test Techniques? Explain Dynamic and Static Test Techniques

What are Test Techniques? Explain Dynamic and Static test techniques

Test techniques are the methods that are required to follow the test approach.

Static Test Techniques perform verification process. Static technique verifies the documents, source code and project specification to find errors. We don’t need computer to implement static test techniques. Professionals meet and review the work documents and other processes before compilation to find out the errors at early stages. Examples of these techniques are – Walkthroughs, Code Reviews, inspections etc.

Dynamic test techniques perform validation process. Dynamic tests validate if the product behavior is conforming with business requirement. The software need to be compiled and run to use these test techniques. Examples for these dynamic techniques are -Black Box Testing (Equal Partitioning Boundary Value analysis, Decision Table), White box testing, functional testing, Exploratory testing, Unit, Integration and system testing.

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